Podcast: CEO Mike Winfield On America’s Cup

November 4, 2015

The third episode of the Bernews podcast features a 38-minute interview with America’s Cup Bermuda [ACBDA] CEO Mike Winfield in which he discusses the economics, opportunities and some of the perception issues surrounding the event.

Host Jeremy Deacon said, “Mike Winfield, the CEO of the ACBDA, is candid about the wider issues surrounding the America’s Cup and the legacy that is has to leave if it is deemed to be a success.

TC - ACBDA CEO Mike Winfield on the Americas Cup

“He addresses what many saw as an information black hole in the aftermath of the America’s Cup announcement. And he talks of how the bar has now been raised and how the America’s Cup has restored the vision that Bermuda had lost.

“Mr Winfield admits that not enough has been done so far to engage people at grassroots level, saying: ‘We have to show them that this is a whole activation of our community. I understand scepticism. People are asking ‘is this about rich white folks or is this about me?’.”

“He admits there is an issue of white privilege being associated with the event and says that the ACBDA needs to ensure that there is equal opportunity for all and that opportunity is not based on ‘who you know’.

“We are looking to ensure that there is equal opportunity,” he says.

You can also download the episode in MP3 format here, you can view past Podcasts here, and you can also subscribe via iTunes to download episodes directly to your phone or tablet.

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  1. Curious says:

    Thanks for this effort to share what is going on with ACBDA Bernews – is it possible to invite Mr. Winfield to answer some additional questions online or in a live format?

    1) What are the reason Morgan’s Point was not leased for AC35 and how was the decision made to go to the expense of filling in Dockyard? What are the financial figures and metrics around this decision?
    2) What efforts are you making to increase the capacity of the ACBDA team? 3) Are these positions that will be advertised, when, what skills are you seeking?
    4) Can you please generate some graphics that reveal the individuals and organisations involved currently with and benefiting from Americas Cup?
    5) How are you going to demonstrate transparency and accountability with your efforts to address the current and historical legacy of white privilege? What are the metrics you are adopting and how will you hold yourself accountable to them?

    • These people can do what they want and get away with it, their wrongs are infallible, does Cup Match come to mind.

    • jeremy deacon says:

      Good day, Mr Winfield did say he was open to another interview so I will keep a record of these questions.

  2. Terry says:

    History is a bit**

  3. Observer says:

    This was an incredibly frank and honest interview which Michael Winfield seems best suited to do. His admission of the lack of connection with grass roots (black) Bermudians and his dismay in not making as much headway in this area as he would have like, as well has his own admission of benefiting from white privilege speaks again to his honest response to the hard questions.

    What is really striking, however, is Michael’s focus on the amazing potential to change the way we view ourselves and build the pride many of us remember when we provided first class service that Bermuda became known for in the 1940′s through 1990′s.

    I think ‘Curious’ will find the answers to his/her questions when we all do as I am sure they will be provided. Bermuda did change a couple of weeks ago and those who refuse to see it will find themselves on the wrong side of history. Certainly our Opposition Leader wanted to find himself on the correct side and made many Bermudians proud of his positive comments regarding the World Series Event.

    Michael’s focus on the good that can come out of the Americas Cup, the benefit to small businesses and the intentional efforts to support black businesses to the point of assisting with proposals, speaks to the commitment of the ACBDA team.

    We all finally have something to look forward to.

    • jeremy deacon says:

      I did find Mr Winfield to be very open and frank with his answers and I do hope to be able to repeat this in another six months or so – revisiting some of the questions to get an update.

  4. Ryan says:

    Excellent interview. Perhaps, for the next one, it can be an open forum with Mr. Deacon as moderator.

  5. Chris Famous says:

    Interesting interview…

    • jeremy deacon says:

      why so, Chris?

      • Chris Famous says:

        Interesting for a number of factors

        1 have not had the pleasure of listening to you do an audio interview for near 40 min. So that alone helped me to see the depths of journalism that should be reached for in this format.

        2 Have never really listen to Mr. W for that length of time so it gave a better perspective of his views on race and how he feels it can be addressed.

        3 Learned a bit more re ACBDA.

        Overall I liked the interview

        • jeremy deacon says:

          It’s all in the preparation, Chris. That is key.

    • cup of tea anyone? says:

      chris, go write an opinion piece on tea. it will prob suck like the rest of your opinions, but it would suck slightly less…cause…tea

      • Widget says:

        @cup of Tea Anyone” you seem to always mention tea in every thing you write. So I beg the question and please, I’m not trying to be rude but is that tea your drinking made from shroooms?