Premier Dunkley: UK Trip Has Been Productive

December 3, 2015

[Written by Don Burgess + Updated]

It’s been a busy week so far for Premier Michael Dunkley as he is in London for the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council [JMC] meetings.

But he’s using that time to also meet with Bermudian university students, British MPs and Lords as well as promote Bermuda as a tourist destination.

The Premier at the Bermuda London reception:


The Premier told Bernews: “So far this trip has turned out to be very productive.”

He’s scheduled to fly back to the island on Thursday but not before he squeezes in one more meeting with the UK media for a breakfast that will feature Bermuda Tourism Authority Bill Hanbury, BTA CEO.

The Premier said the JMC meetings had sessions on climate change, the environment, health, with child safe guarding and economic diversification topics for discussion on Wednesday.

He said, with regard to climate change, Bermuda is doing its part to help make earth a greener place.

“If everyone takes the approach that they can play their part, then we can certainly make progress. We have been very specific about energy reform and we’re trying to do what we can in that area. We can have a drastic impact on climate change with energy reform and investigating other of generating power in Bermuda.

The Premier added: “Our commitment to solar down at the finger at the airport will certainly help with our footprint quite a lot.”

He said during that discussion all the Ministers had the opportunity to talk about what had been done and what was on their agenda. “The most important comment that came out of it was that as we move forward we need to continue to measure how effective measures have been that we have put in place to show that we are making some type of progress.”

Mr. Dunkley also took part in a networking reception for Bermudians living, working and studying at the university level and the issue of absentee ballots was brought up.

He said the Throne Speech announcement for absentee ballots was discussed.

“People were very excited to see that,” Premier Dunkley said. “It is something that we’re committed to doing. Obviously when something like that comes up, everybody also tells you their own opinion on the next steps, but it’s been met with a great deal of support.

The Premier said it was “a good discussion and question and answer period with them.”

He also attended a breakfast at the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Scotland.

“We invited members of Parliament and members of the House of Lords so we could specifically talk about Bermuda and give them the opportunity to ask questions about Bermuda so they could be in the loop to answer any questions or promoting things that might be important for Bermuda to push forward,” Premier Dunkley stated.

Update 10.10am: In a statement this morning, Premier Dunkley said, “We were pleased to find the JMC very productive this week, and continue to stand firm with the British Government as standard bearers of best practice in tax transparency and compliance.

“Bermuda has had for over 70 years a world-leading, Government-held central register of beneficial ownership that long pre-dates those in most developed countries, including the UK, and has at every opportunity shared the information requested by legitimate international authorities, within 24 hours.

“Those who demand Bermuda makes its register public are attempting to solve a problem that does not exist, and demonstrate a lack of respect towards the transparency and regulatory standards Bermuda has upheld, arguably unsurpassed, for many decades.

“Bermuda plays a unique and essential role in the global economy, providing re-insurance services to markets around the world and so reducing risk and the cost of capital. Our leading re-insurance industry has helped to protect the world’s economies from the severe financial implications of catastrophes like 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy.

“Bermuda’s value proposition is based on world-class regulation and a large pool of intellectual capital. Indeed around 7/8ths of our financial services-dominated economy comes from the re-insurance industry, which was granted Solvency II equivalence by the EU last week in recognition of our regulatory standards.”

The UK Govt posted the 2015 OT Joint Ministerial Council Communique, which follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. I am sure it went quite well, and now that the photo up’s are taken and the mike is no longer in your hand, get home and do some real work.

    • high road says:

      That didnt take the haters too long…

    • They say a photo speaks a thousand words, well looking at this photo they look like they are saying, “What the F!@# this guy talking about”.

  2. Terry says:

    It is real work what he is doing abroad Duane.

    And by the way it’s ‘photo ops.’

  3. Coffee says:

    Feeding at the trough again ? That’s all this premier is good for , trips and lights , camera , snapshot . Since ripping GP1 from the other guy , this premier has avoided every substantive issue and conversation facing Bermuda .

  4. Widget says:

    @Duana & Coffee” it’s alway distasteful when someone is peeing in your cornflakes. So my question to both of you is. Who pi*****ssed in your corn flacks this morning.

    • The same person that S!@# in your coffee.

    • Coffee says:

      Your remarks lack originality and a severe bankruptcy of progressive value . Go get the help needed to avoid the unhealthy disposition to urinate on your food .

  5. Widget says:

    I’m the one LMAO