Ontru: “Optimizing Management Performance”

December 2, 2015

Jennifer Smatt, Ontru President  Bermuda Dec 2 2015Ontru, a full-service business strategy, human resources and training solutions firm, will launch a six-month programme to help managers develop a range of fundamental skills to effectively lead and improve the performance of their teams.

The company said that “starting in January, the comprehensive programme will leverage a combination of formal assessments, workshops, group and individual development and coaching.”

Jennifer Smatt, Ontru President noted, “This integrated approach is not common in Bermuda. We know that the best athletes of the world succeed with the assistance of a coach and support of a team. Managers can benefit from the same process.

“To paraphrase Zeuss and Skiffington – coaching is a dialogue, designed to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the individual forward to greater success. Managers are central to organisational performance.

“When they do a good job at setting direction, engaging, motivating and managing performance, teams perform better, individuals enjoy coming to work and company results reflect it. This programme is designed to provide the self-awareness, support and practical tips to make a difference and improve results.”

Ms. Smatt continued, “Given the six-month duration, the programme enables managers the opportunity to work through current situations and receive practical, real-time coaching support.

“We work with a lot of managers who have taken a short course and go back to their work environments unsure of how to effectively apply what they’ve learned. This programme is a great kick off to the New Year and sets the tone for meeting individual and team goals.”

The six-month course includes: an individual assessment; 1:1 objective setting and development sessions; six halfday training workshops and group development “check-in” sessions. Topics for review include: “Managing People”, “Setting Objectives”, “Holding Difficult Conversations”, “Recruiting and Interviewing Skills”, “Employee Engagement” and “Savvy Development Planning”.

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