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January 11, 2016

The Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers [BAPE] is getting set to host a talk by Professor Nick Syred of Cardiff University on the topic of ‘Energy Production, Renewables & Island Communities,’ taking place on Thursday, January 14.

The talk will be held at the ACE Building at 17 Woodbourne Avenue in Hamilton, starting at 6.00pm. Entry is free to BAPE members and $15 for non-members; light refreshments will be served.

A spokesperson said, “Professor Nick Syred has more than 45 years of experience with a wide variety of energy industries and systems in many different parts of the world and is thus able to give long term perspectives on the position of energy technologies.

“The talk will be directed at discussing present energy trends and technologies, especially renewables, and how they can be beneficially employed in Island Communities, where pressure to evolve low carbon economies in response to Climate change is quickly developing.

“The talk will begin by briefly reviewing the present energy situation and especially low oil prices and then focus on analysing and discussing the two main forms of renewable energy available to most Island Communities, namely solar PV and wind power. In particular experiences in Europe, USA and Asia are compared and contrasted.

“Although Bermuda is blessed with plentiful sunshine, and solar PV technology is readily available [at a cost], it has significant limitations in terms of the electricity grid, in that its Capacity Ratio is mediocre, whilst high level output is always concentrated in a fairly narrow part of the day.

“As energy storage is expensive, methodologies need to be found to effectively utilise this potential to benefit the overall carbon balance of the Community.

Wind energy is the other form of renewable energy which is reaching new technological heights and maturity, especially with offshore installations, where Capacity Ratios approaching 50% are forecast, with potentially substantial benefits to electricity grids.

“Again an extensive review of developments and performance in various situations in the world is made. In the case of Bermuda, it is pointed out that few decisions can be made without engineering and technological data, especially of wind speed potential offshore and available bedrock, bearing in mind constraints imposed by the local offshore environment.”

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  1. Kathy says:

    Director of GTRC keen on using natural gas….

  2. Kathy says:

    NO LNG for Bermuda…we need a referendum on this issue in 2016! Speak up Bermudians…2016 is the make or break year for renewable energy in Bermuda.

  3. New Bermudian says:

    Yep, better watch out for those people who want to make better and more efficient use of those fossil fuels we still need to burn to make up the gap between renewables and demand. Heaven knows you wouldn’t want to listen to anyone who wants to make the world a better place, especially if they don’t advocate for 100% renewable energy right now, because that’s so very possible, it’s just The Man that wants to continue screwing us all. Sheesh. How bout hearing the guy out before you shoot him down? You might actually learn something- but forget that. Learning requires an open mind.