Photo Set #2: Goslings To Fairmont Road Race

January 11, 2016

Chris Estwanik and Deon Breary are the 2016 Goslings to Fairmont Southampton champions following racing on Sunday morning [Jan 10], while Quincy Kuzyk and Lynsey Palmer are the Junior Champions.

Estwanik led from start to finish crossed the line in a time of 37:11, Spencer Butterfield was second with a time of 42:32 and Neil De Ste Croix rounded out the podium clocking a time of 44:47.

Breary was the seventh runner to cross the line recording a time of 47:04, Gayle Lindsay was the second female finisher and 16th overall clocking 50:18 and Krista Dyer was the third female finisher clocking a time of 50:54 finishing 17th overall. You can view the first set of photos and the full results here.


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