Video: Senator Renee Ming On Education

February 17, 2016

“We’ve heard a lot about the pathway to status” and if “you’re talking about a pathway to success, it starts with education, Senator Renee Ming said today.

Speaking outside the Senate, Senator Ming told Bernews, “Today, during the Motion to Adjourn, I spoke on education and the fact that we now have a SCORE report that clearly outlines the deficiencies with our infrastructure in our school system.

“My concern was, as a mom and as a Bermudian parent – I have a daughter who’s in the public school system – I see that we have a report that’s touching on the infrastructure, but my concern was with regard to the academic side of our schools and when we can expect to see heightened awareness of those issues.

“I also spoke about the concern that we’re hearing, and that we’re also seeing, with regard to some of the results of the SCORE report, especially with regard to the school closures.”

St David’s Primary have held meetings and they also have a petition going on with regard to their school possibly closing,” added Senator Ming.

“So what we were saying to the Government is that, what I was saying to them, was that obviously there are general concerns with regard to our education system. As a parent, there’s concern. There’s concern all around, and what are they actually doing about it?

“Are they actually in touch, as a Government, to realize and see that our children need to be educated. We’ve heard a lot about the pathway to status and my colleague spoke about pathway to success.

“What we should be thinking about is for our kids; if you’re talking about a pathway to success, it starts with their education. It’s the most important thing for them. So how do we, as a Government, as Parliamentarians, adequately prepare our children to go out and live and thrive in Bermuda?”

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  1. hmmm says:

    “So what we were saying to the Government is that, what I was saying to them, was that obviously there are general concerns with regard to our education system. As a parent, there’s concern. There’s concern all around, and what are they actually doing about it?”

    What are you trying to say ????? Want to try and identify a concern or are you just randomly flapping in the breeze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you think should be done Rene….Let us start with the teachers….what would improve the teachers????

    14 years of the PLP and you said NOTHING. All you can do now is FLAP for political points.
    Hang your head in shame.

  2. Well, Ms. Ming… FEHY is bent on doing what he is programmed to do..
    Throughout the tenure of this ridiculous oba/ubp, that foolish party has done nothing but DESTROY…DESTROY…DESTROY!
    Now , the current focus is on Bermuda’s children.Bermudian students attend public schools by the thousands. If millions can be spent to bring in the secret people, then that money should have been put to better use… Bermuda’s youths’ futures. That group of people do not want even Bermuda’s children to excel.
    Id you had listened to Fehy’s response to your comments,Ms. Ming,you could hear in his voice the callousness and the smoothness of the delivery of his speech!! He could not care less about children’s futures.
    He ALWAYS focuses on the economy. money, power.

    • hmmm says:

      That is BS. Misinformation Ministry of the PLP in full effect.
      You know that Fahy is not the minister for education don’t you.

  3. Um…. Ms. Ming: Now would be best, courageous time for you to break away from that foolish, dysfunctional party which cares nothing about you, Bermuda’s children.

  4. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    So for all the years the PLP kept letting our children’s education slide further and further down hill… all the years that we were flush with money, when they could have improving the infrastructures… now, as a parent she is concerned… where was that concern 16 years ago, 10 years ago, 4 years ago???? Why did she not speak up as the PLP failed to even come up with a plan… they campaigned on education reform in ’98, it was one of their key issues, and in 14 years no plan was ever formed… yet they expect the OBA to have fixed things in 3 with next to no resources left to do anything. And how does critizing Fahy for developing immigration reform have anything to do with taking away from education… he is the immigration minister, not the education minister. Besides, what Fahy is doing has the potential to provide new revenues in the form of application fees.
    Guess what, the OBA has at least an immediate plan to reform for the next year, and information for moving forward… but of course people aren’t going to be happy with it, it involves many painfully required choices to be implemented. But the OBA is certainly acting faster with this SCORE report than the PLP ever did with the Hopkins report… anybody remember that one that said the education system had gone critical and immediate action was needed??

  5. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    The UBP. PLP and now the OBA all cut funds to education. All of you did it you want us to believe any party on this island wants our kids educated that’s a laugh.

    LOL education is the key to success and everyone knows it any party hurting the youth in by dumbing them down need to go. Seems like you guys are afraid they will take your place.

    • aceboy says:

      Why have PLP recommendation to stop teaching the Oxford Cambridge Curriculum and start the Caribbean Curriculum then? Do you think that is better or worse for the kids in the long run? Do you think that is a silly ploy to make the results look better because of a less demanding curriculum?

      • hmmm says:

        Caribbean would be worse.


        Teachers need upgrading…need to be accountable.

        Schools need closed that are straining the budget…Schools running at efficiency can have extra resources so that kids benefit.

        Nostalgia costs your pocket…you want to keep a school open that isn’t needed anymore? Then you pay for it. Take it private.

        Parents need to contribute to ensuing kids have time allocated to do homework.

        Parents need to guide and encourage good performance by giving kids praise when doing well…Be consistent.
        When kids don’t do as well, ask them (nicely) why they didn’t do so well…If the don’t understand something, then ask them what are they going to do to find out ? Ask teacher…e-mail teacher, read through text books…look online etc etc….Help guide them to solve their problems…NEVER EVER do their homework for them !!!!!!!!!!

  6. IslandTeacher says:

    I’m pleased that you have mentioned academic achievement. That is really important. Perhaps you could dust off the Hopkins report. That was the best thing the PLP did for Education. Sadly, it was not followed up while the PLP were in office and the OBA have yet to emulate what the Cayman Islands are currently doing in their school reforms.

  7. Onion says:

    Not a single actionable, specific recommendation out of her mouth just empty platitudes.

  8. mmm says:

    I am not an educator, but I believe that our education ministers, principal s, veteran teachers, labour and training folks must have sat and talked ma ny times on the way forward. They even could have studied trends in educat ion and employment in other small countries, had they done so, we might not be in such a difficult position today.

  9. swing voter says:

    Education is a never ending political football….at least Scott is sticking it out (as Butler would have given the chance). The focus on infrastructure is way over-due, but our parents need to ensure academics is the priority for their children without excuse. We have to compete or else.

  10. Concerned says:

    Parents and Communities need to support their PTA’s to learn what is taking place in MOED, BUT and so on. Communities and myself included take a day and shadow students or your own child to see what is taking place so that when issues such as what we are meeting about, possible school closures, we will have a better understanding. I don’t have any children in school and will be making a point to stop by St. David’s Primary School. How many others throughout this Island, without placards, marches and so on, make and effort?

  11. clearasmud says:

    So far all of our political parties have failed to convince me that education is a priority for them. If ever there was an area that would benefit from removing the “politics” it is education and I believe that we should have an independent Education Authority along the lines of the BTA as this would help to remove the politics and the ever changing ministers!

  12. cpt says:

    If anyone is interested in what reforms Cayman Islands are doing in education, you can peruse this report.