Greenrock Launch 2016 Earth Hour Campaign

February 25, 2016

Greenrock is gearing up for this year’s Earth Hour, with the event set to include the 5K Glow Fun Walk & Run, live entertainment, vendors, fun activities, speeches and more.

“Earth Hour began in 2007, in Sydney, Australia, and has since grown to engage more than 172 countries around the world. In Bermuda, Greenrock organised the first local celebration of Earth Hour in 2008, and it has been an annual fixture on our calendar since,” a spokesperson said.

“Held on the closest Saturday to the Spring Equinox, this year Earth Hour will be recognized around the world on Saturday, March 19th at 8:30pm.

“It is important to stress that Earth Hour is primarily symbolic. It is a fun, inclusive, safe and family-friendly event which creates public awareness about energy waste, sustainability and climate change.

“At its heart, Earth Hour is about generating a sense of community, of solidarity, showing that people care about the environment and our future – while also demonstrating that we can do this and have fun at the same time!

“We are also pleased to announce that Waterfront Properties, on Pitts Bay Road, will be hosting our main festivities once again this year in their courtyard just above Miles Market.

“There will be live entertainment, vendors, fun activities, speeches from key stakeholders and lights out at 8:30pm.  More in depth details regarding the event will be shared at a Press Conference at Waterfront Properties on March 8th.

Video highlights from last year’s Earth Hour event

“We would also like to note that registration on has opened for our 5K Glow Fun Walk & Run which takes place during Earth Hour [8:30pm – 9:30pm].  This activity provides the entire community with an opportunity to light up the streets of Hamilton and showcase the power we all posses to make a statement in support of positive change.

“Despite inclement weather, registration for last year’s 5K Glow Fun Walk & Run exceeded our expectations, and this year we look forward to hundreds of participants joining us once again.  Sign up options are available for individuals or families; however we also encourage the registration of school and corporate teams.

“Over the past two years in particular we have focused on broadening the reach of the Earth Hour Campaign by inviting participation from organizations that we consider to be key stakeholders in creating a more sustainable future for our country.

To date the response we have received has been favourable and we are pleased to have representatives on the Earth Hour Council from Government, the Corporation of Hamilton, BELCO, the West End Development Corporation [WEDCO], Waterfront Properties [host], the Chamber of Commerce and our most recent member the Corporation of St. George’s.

“With these relationships we have strengthened our capacity to raise awareness in our community, change mindsets, share pertinent information and employ educational programs that teach us to live and operate in a more harmonious and sustainable way.

“We are also very thankful for the support we receive from numerous companies throughout the island and welcome additional support as we further organise Earth Hour 2016!

Slideshow from last year’s Earth Hour festivities 


Minister Jeanne Atherden said, “I am delighted to join you today to help our island prepare for Earth Hour next month. Earth Hour is an important global reminder that this is the only planet we have and we must treat it with care and respect, and leave it in better shape for generations to come. Bermuda is proud to participate in this annual event.”

“As the Minister responsible for the Environment I want to encourage everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – in our community to join Earth Hour next month to raise awareness about energy conservation and sustainability.”

Mayor of Hamilton Charles Gosling said, “The Corporation of Hamilton is proud to support the global initiative of Earth Hour in an effort to raise awareness that our planet is in crisis.

“It is the responsibility of every man, woman and child to do all we can to make a change in our lives today; changes that will ultimately, lead to positive reform for the Earth and reverse the effects already being felt by climate change. I hope all Bermuda residents take the opportunity to join this important cause and be a part of making a difference for generations to come.”

WEDCO Facilities Manager/PFSO Carmen E. Tucker said, “The West End Development is proud to participate in the upcoming Earth Hour 2016, which brings awareness to climate change and helps benefit our planet.

“By participating in this major event that has grown exponentially since its creation, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment and eagerness to contribute to make the world a better place. We believe that every contribution helps, and we hope that by joining this initiative we are able to make an impact, and inspire others to make a difference also.”

BELCO said, “BELCO is happy to participate in this year’s Earth Hour Bermuda activities, which we have been a part of since it started in 2008. As in the past, we’ll be turning off streetlights for the 5km Walk 7 run from 8:30 to 9:30pm. We encourage members of the public to come out and enjoy the festivities at the Waterfront Properties.

“For people who are unable to travel to Waterfront, you can get involved right from home by turning off your lights for the designated hour to show your support for Earth Hour, but more importantly, to recognise the value of electricity to our lives, the effort it takes to produce it and the importance of using it efficiently.”

Chamber of Commerce’s Stephanie Lee said, “On behalf of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased to support the earth hour initiative. The chamber takes environmental sustainability seriously, with recent upgrades to our office, including replacing the outdated Fluorescent lights with LED ballasts.

“Although the Chamber isn’t usually openon Saturday, we will be showing our support for earth hour on the Friday. We encourage our fellow members of the business community to support Earth Hour by darkening their building, turning off lights and computer screens on Saturday, March 19 between the hours of 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

“We also encourage groups and individuals to take part in the glow run. Thank you for inviting us to the launch and look forward to Earth Hour 2016.”

Chair of Greenrock’s Earth Hour Council and member of the Greenrock Board of Directors Eugene Dean said, “It has been my pleasure to serve as the Chair of the Earth Hour Council for the past two years and I would like to thank all past and present members of the Earth Hour Council for their time, dedication and valuable contributions to the campaign.

“Earth Hour is an excellent way for us to demonstrate our capacity to show up and actively participate in an extremely critical global initiative.  Despite our size we can show the world that our interests and efforts do matter, and that by working together we too possess the power to effect positive change.   With this in mind we encourage everyone to support Earth Hour however you can.  As individuals, families, schools and corporations we all have a role to play in creating a more sustainable future in Bermuda for us all.”

Greenrock added, “Our website, has gone live.  It includes details about Earth Hour, our event at Waterfront Properties, the course for the 5K Glow Fun Walk & Run, information about the Earth Hour Council, and a link to the registration page on Raceday World.

“Funds raised for Earth Hour Bermuda are used primarily to support Greenrock in its sustainability projects and advocacy work to help create a sustainable Bermuda.

“If you would like to know more about Earth Hour 2016, or if you would like to volunteer or find out how else you can support Earth Hour 2016 or Greenrock, please contact 292-5406 or email!”

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