Police Seek Suspects In Pembroke Burglary

February 26, 2016

Police responded to a report of a burglary in the Friswell’s Hill area this morning [Feb 26], with two suspects now sought in connection with the incident, which saw the victim being beaten with a stick.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 3:25am this morning police responded to a burglary report in the Friswell’s Hill Pembroke area.

“On police arrival, it was reported that two male suspects entered the home of the 63 year old male victim and made demands for money.

“A struggle between the victim and one of the suspects ensued, resulting in the victim being beaten with a stick, and the suspects making good their escape on foot. The victim was conveyed to KEMH via ambulance where he was treated for serious leg injuries.

“Suspect 1 was described as being a 5’10” slim build male wearing a dark colored hoodie. Suspect 2 described only as wearing a red hoodie.

“Police are appealing to anyone who may have information in relation to this incident to contact police on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. bees should get him says:

    This is very tragic news that a person of that age is confronted by a person who wants to take advantage of them. My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.

    May the scum that did such a thing have a thousand bees sting him in the crotch…

  2. Ty says:

    I think once the culprits are caught, their first form of punishment should be that they are taken up to this gentleman’s home and allow him to beat them about the legs and arms. Then take them to the Police Station.

  3. Rita Realistic says:

    I can’t imagine how terrifying this was for an elderly man, being disturbed at that hour and attacked, in his own home! How dare they do this. No good wasters too lazy to earn money so they would rather steal it.

    Don’t anyone dare comment about people being ” desperate” these days because these low lives are after the latest iphone or drug money, not food to survive. Is there anything we can do for this poor man? Raise some funds for him?

  4. Praying the gentleman makes a full recovery.

    If scum bags are caught they need to be tied to a post and let the senior get in the first lot of LICKS. Then his relatives and friends and public can get in a LICK or two. I don’t know who the victim is but It make me feel like I want to hunt them down and beat the breath out of them. So disgusted with low lifes.

  5. IslandTeacher says:

    I hope the victim gets better soon.

    Looking forward to forensic evidence identify the criminals. Enjoy your freedom because your going to be caught. Aggravated burglary, you can expect a fitting custodial sentence.

  6. neutral says:

    Thanks to OBAMA cut backs, police are now stretched. Especially around those hours.

  7. neutral says:

    Thanks to OBA cut backs, police are now stretched. Especially around those hours.

    • Prego says:

      If the money was there, there would be no cut backs. Ask yourself where the money went. Hello PLP.

    • Terry says:

      And your stuck in neutral and park…………………

  8. Tom Cooke says:

    Mindless d!@ks… they can only prey on the old and helpless…
    And the police respond.. they can’t be everywhere as a crime happens…

  9. mmm says:

    Very, very sad and frightening. It leads folks to arm them-selves in their own homes and to have dogs. Who are these people who would attack folks in their own homes. If you break in some-one,s home and realise the person is at home would you not make as quick escape as possible. I recall a few years ago were a senior was murdered after some-one had broken into her home. Perhaps, the Crime Prevention Unit can come to TV and demonstrate ways of making one,s home more secure. Granted the most determined thief will gain entry. I hope the person makes a full recovery and the culprits pay a heavy price, followed by at least 5 years probation upon their relea se.

    • Valhalla says:

      That is why I have dogs! People won’t enter my yard! While my neighbors keep getting robbed.

  10. some beach says:

    Now let’s see.. Do we have assets that will let us know who did this?

    I say utilise an outside contractor and quell this!

    As it was within a residence!

    No courts necessary depending on the contractor…

  11. some beach says:

    There are different punishments for different crimes!