Change Of Plans For Shelly Bay Development

March 3, 2016

The Ministry of Public Works has told the community members that objected to the Shelly Bay development plans that there will be a change of plans, and the community members have expressed their appreciation, saying they “are grateful to all of the residents who recognized that the creation of this parking lot would restrict their freedoms of use of the picnic areas.”

Mrs. Cheryl-Ann Griffin said. “Mr. Craig Cannonier informed the representatives, which also include MPs Mr. Derrick Burgess and Mr. Wayne Furbert, of the settling of this issue on Friday.

“The welcoming news also included that The Shelly Bay Beach House would not be proceeding with plans to erect questionable proposals such as a pier, a waterslide or the rental of jet skis.

“In addition, they will not attempt to encroach on the public lands or beach with reserved beach seating for the Shelly Bay Beach House Restaurant.”

Grateful grandparents Cheryl-Ann Griffin, Marianne Penner & Alan Smith enjoy the swings at Shelly Bay Playground upon hearing the news

Grateful Grandparents At Shelly Bay Bermuda Mar 1 2016

“The Community Against The Shelly Bay Parking Lot are grateful to all of the residents who recognized that the creation of this parking lot would restrict their freedoms of use of the picnic areas and pose a safety hazard to children playing in the area,” added Mrs Griffin

These community members made their feelings known at demonstration in the area, at a community meeting, and with the submission of a petition containing over 1000 signatures, as well as objection letters sent by concerned neighbours, individuals and organizations.

“The partners of The Shelly Bay Beach House remain in consultation to make adjustments that will satisfactorily serve The Shelly Bay Beach House Restaurant while preserving the rights and freedoms of the public to safely and without hindrance, enjoy Shelly Bay Beach and Park,” Mrs Griffin added.

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  1. Boring says:

    Boring “old” Bermuda.

    Let’s not make anything fun. We need this green space? Really, how often is that little area used? 10% of the year at max? Cup Match, Good Friday, ?

    Let’s keep allowing “old” Bermuda to ruin any creativity or investment.

    Let them build a pier. Let them make Shelly Bay more appealing to tourists and locals alike.

    If you want green space, maybe go to the enormous field only 100 yd away?

    Tired of these small groups getting all this attention, but unfortunately we can’t have a referendum on everything!

    • Onion Juice says:

      And there is an enormous car park just 50 yards away.

      • serengeti says:

        Great. In that case we can take it that there won’t be any ‘special’ times during the year when parking on the grass will be allowed.

  2. People Power.
    SpongeBob said money is more important then people.

  3. Take Back Our Park says:

    Why is Minister Cannonier stopping this project because it is in one of our parks but still going ahead with the large maintenance yard in the middle of the Botanical Gardens? No alternative locations to this site were considered. Why is Government, particularly Minister Cannonier who is MP for that area, ignoring the petition to stop this development that has been signed by 3,700+ of the community. Building on protected park land is not the legacy we should be leaving our children.

    • smh says:

      Why would anyone vote dislike on a post about protecting the Botanical Gardens? Some people

  4. channing says:


  5. Widget says:

    This change of plan was done because of the efforts of the community, and not the two beefy politicians that bellied up to Mr. Stienhoff and the first public meeting at the beach. Congratulations to all involved and a nod to Mr. Smith for your commitment to get signatures on the petition.

    With all that said. I strongly believe the playground should be moved to the upper green area. This would allow more green space by the beach and more green play area for the children up top.

  6. watching says:

    Well done.
    This park is utilized by people from all over the island, blacks, whites, Bermudians, expats, OBA, PLP.
    This wasn’t a political or racial issue. It was to protect our children.
    I am very glad to see that the project will not proceed in that form.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You may not see it proceed at all.

      • mixitup says:

        And that’s fine – how about they proceed with it at Windsor Beach down Tucker’s Town – oh nevermind I forgot..

    • serengeti says:

      If it was to protect the children, then of course there should be no exceptions made. We can assume then that there won’t be any ‘special’ times during the year when parking on the playground will be allowed. Since it’s such a critical issue.

    • Take Back Our Park says:

      “This park is utilized by people from all over the island, blacks, whites, Bermudians, expats, OBA, PLP.” Well said. We should be protecting all our parks for future generations. We ask Government to halt it’s plan to put a new, larger maintenance yard in the middle of the Botanical Gardens and turn this area of the park into park land that everyone can enjoy. Heavy trucks driving through the Botanical Gardens will be a danger to pedestrians/children and should not be allowed.

  7. mmm says:

    The plans to change around the parking at Shelly Bay Beach have been halted and now under-going review, this is good news. I think there is sufficient parking to accomodate those folks wishing to go to the restaurant. I see a comment about the big maintenance yard for the Parks Department, it was obj ected to, and I believe halted, I wonder if a school is closed, whether or not consideration can be made to use that space.


    Power to the people who stood up and defended their right to the Shelly Bay Beach and it’s park now to the liberation of our country.

    • serengeti says:

      Apparently it was to preserve the safety of children using the playground. Which means there should not be any exceptions made, obviously. Obviously there cannot be any public holidays, for example, when the safety of the children should be compromised by using the playground as a car park. The people stood up and defended the right of the children to be safe. That means every day of the year.

    • LiarLiar says:

      Their rights to Shelly Bay were never under threat in the first place. Stop with your dramatics.

      But I didn’t agree with the parking lot situation FWIW.

      Hope the business still goes ahead in revamping that eye sore of a building though.

      And the only true liberation will be when we are free from our debt holders. So I doubt you and I will be around to see that true liberation.

  9. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    I wonder if anyone else remembers the way Shelly Bay was before the children’s playground and misses it.

    • Davis Bye says:

      I do remember. I liked it better in the winter when there was nobody there but my brother and I. It was wicked, we actually preferred walking on the rocks and standing against the wind. Prickly pears, salt spray and no onion juice.

  10. X says:

    Why not develop or simply clean up the disgrace that calls itself Clearwater …. the water is clear, but the buildings and public amenities are disgusting. It’s crying out for a great cafe instead of Gombeys that 99% of people are too scared to go into.

  11. Guy Smiley says:

    Maybe now it’s time to fix the playground. Tire swing, big slide, missing monkey bar, all shackles on swings and bars need to be replaced… I’m sure it’ll continued to be very well used until it completely falls apart or someone gets hurt.

  12. Humble One says:

    It’s things like this that keeps Bermuda from moving forward. Shelly bay is the worst beach on this island (I don’t care who disagrees) and has plenty room for improvement and activities for people to enjoy. But we leave it in the hands of a small group of selfish people who would rather use the facility for their own good instead of letting someone create a fun spot for the island and its visitors. It’s time to stop catering to the wrong generation. We can not move forward by standing still