Bermuda Students Visit London Office And FCO

March 22, 2016

Recently, while on a trip to the UK, 14 Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy students had an opportunity to visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office [FCO] to learn from officials about the Bermuda’s relationship with the UK.

The students were also given a brief tour of the FCO building which culminated with a short visit outside of #10 Downing Street, the official residence of the UK Prime Minister. The learning opportunity presented itself while the high school students were on a trip to the UK to review prospective universities.

Esmeralda Zanders, Zoya Powell, Bella Greene, George Frost, Tajah Butterfield, Amaury Majors, Richards Jones Jr., Jordan Dowling, Toni Ingemann, Jache Butler, Teshney York, Adonijah Washington, Derrica Saunders, Kalae Fox.

Bermuda Students Visit London Office And FCO (2)

The overall visit was hosted by the Government of Bermuda London Office which facilitated a presentation by Ms. Jahdia Spencer, a Bermudian 6th Form student in the UK.

Ms. Spencer, also a former Berkeley student, shared her experience about studying in the UK and highlighted the importance of achieving educational and career goals.

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Some of the prospective colleges visited by the Berkeley and CeadrBridge students included, Hackney College [BTEC/A Levels], Lewisham Southwark College [BTEC, NVQ], London Metropolitan University, Kingston University, London South Bank University, King’s College of London/University, Goldsmith’s University, St. Mary’s University and University of Brunel.

Subjects of particular interest to the students included the fields of medicine, law, physics, kinesiology, mortuary science, entrepreneurship, management, creative arts, architecture and culinary arts.

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  1. International exposure for our youth is always a good thing, hopefully much was learnt and much was gained.

    Many Bermudians live a lifetime and never get to leave this rock let alone, see the Mother country.

  2. Ya fullish says:

    University tuition is free in Sweden and some German universities…English taught degrees and competitive.

  3. Expanded Minds says:

    Congratulations on taking the opportunity to expand your experiences your minds and your qualifications.

    Be particularly grateful that you can all receive full UK/EU passports and all that they entitle you to; without having to live for 27 years, work for 27 years or pay any taxes for 27 years at all in the UK and you still get a full passport!!

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      Yes children take full advantage of your education so you don’t grow up bitter like the above commenter. Pay attention in your geography classes so you don’t make ignorant insinuating remarks like they have. At least your education will teach you that the UK consist of many different countries and territories one of which you are a part of. You have what is legally called belonger status because of your are a citizen of a British colony. Don’t make ignorant comments like the one above make you feel guilty of your status because Bermuda is one of many places who has it.

    • Coffee says:

      A good mother always nurtures her dependents , not the other way around ! How did you hear about Bermuda ?

      • hmmm says:

        So you are saying if born in Bermuda and parents originally from UK, then those dependents should be nurtured, NOT scorned.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          I can’t speak for Coffee but IMO yes those with UK heritage should be given opportunities because they are belongers just like us. Besides they are less likely to send their whole life savings out of the island like other expats do. We need to nurture our ties with the UK and cut them with leeching countries who don’t offer the benefits that these young Bermudians are getting from being a part of these ties.

          • Coffee says:

            Nope not even …. Any British person born in Bermuda is … Wait for it … British ! Why , because Britain must supply you with a passport at birth !

            No one is scorned in Bermuda , but imagine if every British couple who could afford to fly to Bermuda and had their children here … You get the message . So no just because you work here for a private company doesn’t afford you or your offspring any other right than a regular tourist who happened to give birth to a baby on Horseshoe Bay beach !

            • Zevon says:

              Any Bermudian who can afford it can fly to the USA so their child can be American. Or is that different somehow.

              • Coffee says:

                Must you be Bermudian to take advantage of the US constitution … Give me a fricken break .

  4. Baygrapes says:

    What a wonderful opportunity. Congratulations to all and grab every experience you can.
    Well done!

  5. Swing Voter says:

    good start to shape their minds to think global. this initiative should be expanded