Bascome: Use Sports To Help Kids & Country

April 2, 2016

We have to use sports to help get our kids into colleges and universities so they can come back and be of some benefit to the country, and we must direct our kids in an area in which they, their families and our country can benefit – and that’s education, says National Football Coach Andrew Bascome.

Speaking after Bermuda’s 2-1 victory over French Guiana, Coach Bascome said, “Every coach would want the result that we got, and the commitment and the performance and the application of the young men tonight.”

Andrew Bascome Bermuda April 1 2016

“I could tell you that most of these kids are college kids, and I can’t stress the importance of education. It’s so important; education is important because it never leaves them, so whenever you’re doing tactics you can see they understand.

“It’s not foreign to them, and they’re able to analyze and make decisions. It’s about decisions. Life’s about decisions; football’s about decisions.”

“This is what education does, so we have to keep stressing and use sport to get our kids into colleges and universities so they can come back and be of some benefit to the country.

Audio of Coach Bascome:

“Not just a name in the lights, go professional; no, that’s not our goal. That’s up to the player, but we must direct our kids in an area in which they can benefit, their families can benefit and our country can benefit, and that’s education, and that’s university, and that’s important.”

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  1. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Spot on, Coach!

  2. Kim Smith says:

    If you want to see a beautiful sight, go over to the National Stadium, lower field where football games are played virtually all the time. You’ll see lots of really good young footballers, lots of coaches very engaged with the players and lots of family supporters. It will warm your heart!

  3. Street Smart says:


  4. Andrew, Bermuda’s National Coach, you are totally correct.
    Will the CURRENT government take your words and push our outstanding athletes into obtaining a terrific education, while they attain greater success with their chosen sport?
    It appears to have worked VERY WELL for Duffy and Butterfield. There are others waiting too!!

    • jt says:

      I would love for you to sit down for 30 min with Andrew for a little attitude adjustment.

  5. steve says:

    important advice stated by a role-model and highly respected member of the community. Thanks coach

  6. Well, Yes says:

    Mr. Bascome is of course perfectly correct with a very positive message.
    Unfortunately sports can’t be the only thing that get our kids into college.
    For many decades now our education system has been the ball in a mismanaged political sport that is played badly by all participants. Political parties and unions vie for power over the system at the expense of students. It has to stop. Students need to become the real priority of the education system. Sports can only save a few from the insanity.

  7. Young Bermudian says:

    You’ll be surprised at the # of college and university students that are currently there because of an athletic scholarship. Realize that in the US alone there are thousands of kids playing NCAA and NAIA sports at various levels, from countries all over the world. Even walk-on students (non-scholarship receiving) benefit from team sports. The competition, teamwork and dedication required are beneficial lessons for life.