Results: Healthy School Lunch Challenge Awards

April 27, 2016

Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment Jeanne Atherden recently presented the Healthy Lunch School Challenge Awards, with the Minister saying that “Helping our young children learn how to eat well and to stay healthy will reap long term dividends that all Bermudians can benefit from.”

Minister Atherden said, “Healthy eating can assist in young children learning well, growing well and staying healthy and work toward our vision of “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”.

“This year the School Nurses started a monthly School Lunch Check Program to assess the nutritional content of student lunches. The School Nurses have shared that young children enjoy demonstrating the healthy food options in their lunches during these school lunch checks.

“This challenge promoted healthy eating habits to primary and middle school students through utilizing the Bermuda Dietary Guidelines and the EatWell Plate. The response from schools, teachers, parents and students is commendable as this year we had entire schools and entire year levels participating.

Healthy Lunch School

“Teachers taught students the lesson plans developed by Nutrition Services. Parents along with students shared together in developing healthy trash free lunches. The lunches were evaluated by the teachers for nutrient content, eye appeal, nutrition explanation and originality of vegetables.

“First, second and third place winners from each school were submitted with amazing pictures of healthy lunches that they prepared. A panel of judges reviewed the submissions to select overall first, second and third place winners from each year level. The practical application and understanding of healthy eating practices is evidenced by all submissions.

“As the Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Well Bermuda partners from the Department of Health, Nutrition Services, the Ministry of Education, the Bermuda Dietitians Association and Argus Group of Insurance who executed this initiative though support, time and effort in promoting a healthier Bermuda.”

2016 School Lunch Challenge Awards Recipient List:


  • First Place: McKenzie Kowalski
  • Second Place: Christina Lee
  • Third Place: Dylan Walker


  • First Place: Genesis Payne
  • Second Place: Jahzy Simmons
  • Third Place: Tristan Orchard


  • First Place: Taylor Herzog
  • Second Place: Masaki Kitade
  • Third Place: Maddox Foley


  • First Place: Kennedy Kowalski and Celia Robinson
  • Second Place: Taliah Wade
  • Third Place: Robin Pearman


  • First Place: Keziah Smith
  • Second Place: Ethan Clarke
  • Third Place: Amy Paulos


  • First Place: Kezjah Weeks
  • Second Place: Isabel Roe
  • Third Place: Max Yashar


  • First Place: Eilidh Redmond
  • Second Place: Amber Simons
  • Third Place: Hope Dragonetti

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