Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For March 2016

April 5, 2016

We posted approximately 70 videos during the month of March 2016, with nine of the top ten most viewed videos for the month featuring footage related to the ‘Pathways to Status’ matter, including videos of the protests, candlelight vigil and Ms Enda Matthie.

Top 10 Most Views Videos 2016 March

#1 Crowd At Pathways Vigil, March 13

#2 People March Through Hamilton, March 16

#3 Enda Matthie At Bermuda Parliament Grounds, March 11

#4 People Lined Up At House Of Assembly, March 14

#5 Drummers Enter House Grounds, March 14

#6 #2 People Lined Up At House, March 14

#7 Protest on East Broadway, Bermuda, March 1

#8 Woman On Hunger Strike At Bermuda Parliament, March 8

#9 Enda Matthie Remains at Parliament, March 11

#10 Car Towed Out Of Flooded Bakery Lane, March 29

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  1. aceboy says:

    I viewed Edna’s videos. More out of morbid curiosity and to have a laugh than anything else. The hunger striker…who wasn’t.