Court: Man Admits Shoplifting With Special Bag

September 21, 2016

Appearing in Magistrates Court today [Sept 21], a 33-year-old man admitted shoplifting, with the Court hearing he had an aluminum foil lined bag that was designed to try and conceal goods and avoid detection by security systems.

Romanian national Paul Vasiliniuc pleaded guilty to shoplifting and possessing a bag that was specially prepared to conceal goods.

Vasiliniuc told Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe that he was currently working in Bermuda and was employed as a waiter.

He admitted stealing a pack of underwear from Gibbons Company and shirts from A. S. Coopers. The items were together valued at over $130.

The Crown Prosecutor said that Vasiliniuc’s bag was lined with aluminum and had a cardboard false bottom.

The Prosecutor said that the thefts had occurred in August, and were observed by shop staff and caught on CCTV.

After noting that Vasiliniuc would likely face immigration issues, the Senior Magistrate fined him a total of $1,250.

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