Skills Programme Participants Complete Modules

October 11, 2016

Representatives from Workforce Development joined Ministry of the Environment representatives to present cheques to participants who have reached the half way mark in the Work Skills Development training programme.

The nine young men and one young woman— all volunteers — have all passed the first five modules of the programme, which include training in propagation, pruning and handling small equipment.

Mr. Roger Parris of the Department of Parks congratulated the participants before cheques were presented, and asked for their continued commitment. The cheques were made possible by a donor.

 Roger Parris and Sam Santucci of the Parks Department, the Work Skills Development Programme students, Jeff Sousa and George Outerbridge of Workforce Development

Work Skills Development Programme students Bermuda October 2016

Mr. George Outerbridge from Workforce Development urged the students to continue to apply themselves, and that the next goal would be to apply to the Certification Board to be certified in landscaping.

Representing the landscaping trade, Chairman of the National Training Board, MP and one time Botanical Gardens trainee Jeff Sousa encouraged the students, saying there were jobs out there for them.

He said, “I trained here for two years, 40 years ago. I am now running Bermuda’s biggest landscaping business. I am an MP and Chair of the National Training Board.

“There are opportunities out there. Attitude is everything. It is what will get you the job and it is what will keep you in the job.”

Mr. Parris invited Mr. Outerbridge to be one of the assessors of the students’ continuing work, as a partner in the programme.

Training at Tulo Valley Nursery, the Arboretum and different parts of the Botanical Gardens are next on the students’ schedule. Those who pass the remaining modules will graduate in December.

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