Flooding: Airport Waste Facility Closed Today

January 5, 2017

The Ministry of Public Works said they wishes to advise that, due to flooding, the Airport Waste Management Facility is closed today [Jan 5].

“Information about reopening will be made available as soon as possible,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. San George says:

    This is what the OBA and the Bermuda Government should be working on not beating-up on churches. The roads and flood prevention are horrible in this country; it is as if the roads are designed to retain water. C’mon man, put a hole in the wall and let the water run into the ocean.

  2. trump supporter says:

    Nah no need for a new airport. That where they biu amd protestors should hold there meetings in the waste department.

  3. Shag says:

    Immigration dept for work permits and works and engineering for this problem