Driver Abandons Car Overboard In St. David’s

January 7, 2017

[Updated] Emergency services responded to St. David’s main road at approximately 4.45am this morning [Jan 7] where they found a car in the waters off the main road just east of the roundabout.

The car appeared to be traveling into St. David’s when the incident occurred resulting in the vehicle landing on its side in the water. Bernews understands that when emergency personnel arrived on scene, there was no one in or around the abandoned car.

Police stopped the flow of traffic in the area for a short period as tow truck personnel removed the vehicle from the water. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.32pm: The police said, “Around 4:45am today [Saturday, January 7th] police officers and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel responded to a report of an overturned car along St. David’s Road in St. George’s.

“‎Details remain limited. However, it appears that the car was found unoccupied and partially submerged in waters near the roadside.

“An immediate search of the surrounding area did not locate any person[s] involved and apparently no one has reported being injured in the crash at this time. The damaged vehicle was later towed from the scene.

“Any witnesses should contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (1)

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (2)

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (3)

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (4)

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (5)

Car Overboard St David's Bermuda, January 7 2017 (6)

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    I am sure by now the car has been reported stolen?

  2. YADON says:

    They were obviously in shock after driving by the airport and seeing its deplorable conditions. LOL


      Ok take it easy OBA/UBP…have a heart. Funny huh…Have your government start doing some preventive maintenance down there. Because even if a new airport is built, the current facility cannot be neglected.

  3. Ella says:

    You can run but you cant hide. Popo gonna find you..

  4. Who done it says:

    Oh snap. Now we have to drain this pond as well. When will it end?

  5. Whistling Frog says:

    An early start for the non-mariners..

  6. Terry says:

    Hope the occupant/s are ok.
    Happy New Year.

  7. Second says:

    OMGosh! Hope noone was hurt! Now to OWN up and take responsibility.

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Sometimes that autopilot button don’t work too well after a night out!!

  9. Your joking says:

    For those who have not yet fully grasped the America’s Cup
    , rule 1: you need a boat

  10. Point boy says:

    Probably mom’s car

  11. SoFarbie says:

    After checking the license plate through TCD and registration info the police would know who owns the car,I don’t mean to step on the police toes, I have faith that they are smart enough to figure this out.

  12. mmm says:

    Hopefully the driver is okay…perhaps the car handbrake was not in use while the operator was out of the vehicle checking a faulty headlight. Flip side it is a dark and winding road.

  13. Broken Glass says:

    Nothing like a late night skinny dip

  14. Unus sed Leo. says:

    Costly night… buying a new car at todays prices is quite prohibitive customs wants, 150% duty on importation there of…. then you look at the roads and ask yourself what do they do to dezrve that amount.

  15. Trump supporter says:

    Police stopped the flow of traffic,!! Boats or cars