One Communications Rolling Out ‘FibreWire’

February 8, 2017

CEO Frank Amaral Bermuda Feb 8 2017One Communications has rolled out almost sixty miles of super-fast fibre optic cabling reaching nearly 1,400 homes, with the company saying that ”installing its FibreWire network is part of a $20m investment in its infrastructure that will dramatically improve both internet speed and 4G LTE coverage.”

CEO Frank Amaral [pictured] said: “Almost 90 percent of our shareholder base is Bermudian, which is just one aspect of our business that motivates us to ensure we continue to make improvements.

“The One team is determined to drive our company forward in order to offer more and better services.

“Bermuda deserves a world-class network and it is our every intention to provide exactly that, so we are proud to be producing a Bermudian-built infrastructure that achieves those objectives.”

Work in the project began last year and it is anticipated that the Island wide launch of FibreWire services will be completed by early 2018.

One’s FibreWire network will dramatically increase internet speeds and bandwidth capacity during peak usage times, which are known concerns for customers, said Mr. Amaral, adding: “Replacing the current infrastructure including, if needed, wiring right into customers’ homes, also means greater reliability and uptime for the customer.”

The company has taken steps to ensure people are directly informed when work is going to happen in their neighbourhood through a series of notifications by email and outbound calling campaigns.

“The FibreWire work is part of a wider package of improvements that the company is implementing– its 4G LTE mobile coverage of the entire Island will be complete later this year giving customers ultra-fast mobile data speeds similar to what they have already been enjoying in the City of Hamilton,” said Mr Amaral.

He said One Communications has also pledged to “radically overhaul” its TV product as well as customer care, which is now available 24/7 for mobile, cable TV and Internet subscribers.

“The complaints and general feedback from our customers are being heard and I believe that through this very substantial investment in both our products and customer care services we will address many of those concerns.

“Over the coming months, we will be announcing other initiatives that I am sure will further address any remaining issues that people have raised.

“These are going to be exciting times for One Communications and our customers will benefit greatly.”

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Comments (17)

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  1. ocg says:

    And will your pricing be reduced?

  2. About time says:

    Now if they could just get their cellular phone service back to what it used to be !

  3. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    In other words you still don’t care…drop the prices and we’ll be happy!

  4. Tariq says:

    Cant understand why it takes so long? and isn’t “fibrewire” still copper cable into the house?

    Waiting to see Digicel offer for me.

    • wassup says:

      I think this: “Replacing the current infrastructure including, if needed, wiring right into customers’ homes, also means greater reliability and uptime for the customer” means that the copper issue will be put right.

  5. wassup says:

    I’ve had issues with Logic/One etc but I’m going to give them some credit here, at least they are trying to get it right.

    This is interesting: Replacing the current infrastructure including, if needed, wiring right into customers’ homes, also means greater reliability and uptime for the customer.

    • sage says:

      I had wireless with Logic it started dropping in and out, then I was told wireless is obsolete, i need to access through the cable tv wire, that worked ok for a few months and has now been completely useless for two months, they don’t answer the phone or leave you on hold for an hour, I was told to run a wire from the modem to my computer which does work but this company and their service sucks big time. I am applying for a refund for all the dropout time.

      • Dude says:

        When they ask you to plug your PC/laptop directly in to the modem/router they are trying to rule out a bad wifi connection, this is quiet common in Bermuda due to the stone walls and high humidity.

        • sage says:

          Oh please, it used to work fine from downstairs through multiple walls and humidity levels, until the launch of “One”, now it can’t work with only 10 ft of air separating modem and desk top, even after replacing the modem and fixing previous “bush” wiring work. Aren’t this bunch the AC35 internet supplier? I have a funny feeling the service they get is world class and ultra high speed.

  6. GB says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while, especially with my internet constantly dropping for no reason. Time to get it together guys

    • wahoo says:

      I will wait a little longer then I gotta explore my options because my internet drops out all the time too.

      • outkasted says:

        The prices should not go up but they should NOT go down either

  7. Lynn says:

    Too little too late for me, still waiting for a third party to come along! Ridiculous what we pay for our internet.

  8. saddened says:

    To one, you have bundled your services but your product and service has gone down hill. Going into your headquarters is a nightmare and the quality of cell service and internet to the home is at an all time low. A recent survey has stated we pay t he highest cost in the world for internet service but the quality is subpar. Please improve your product. It is a crying shame to be paying the money we are paying in Bermuda for the service we are receiving.