Motorcyclist Strikes Pedestrian On Front Street

March 26, 2017

Police are appealing for witnesses to a collision on Friday afternoon on Front Street, which saw a 64-year-old man, who was attempting to walk across the road, “struck by a motorcyclist that did not stop.”

A police spokesperson said, “Police are appealing for any witnesses to a reported collision that occurred around 3pm Friday, March 24th on Front Street in the City of Hamilton.

“It appears that a 64-year-old U.K. man was attempting to walk across the road in the vicinity of the Walker Arcade when he was struck by a motorcyclist that did not stop.

“The visitor fell to the ground and sustained a hand injury, which he received treatment for at the hospital.

“Inquiries continue and witnesses that may have been walking or driving through that area of Front Street around 3pm Friday – as well as the motorcyclist involved – should make contact with Constable Mervin Homer on 295-0011.”

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  1. Cedar Stump says:

    Is that where the crosswalk lights have not worked for months ?

  2. Bdaboy says:


  3. JohnBoy says:


  4. Real Onion says:

    put Police back walking the beat!

    • Pat says:

      How about the Corporation of Hamilton fix the traffic lights that have been out for months? I’d wager that working traffic lights would be more effective in preventing another incident like this than a police officer walking around the city…..

      • PBanks says:

        Those lights have been out of order for too long, that’s agreed. On the other hand, some people run red lights and dash across pedestrian crossings on a regular basis nowadays.

  5. Navin Johnson says:

    fix the damn stoplight…stop paving for awhile if you can only do one thing at a time….and find the scum bag that drove away….probably someone uninsured

  6. serengeti says:

    An incompetent motorcyclist who drives selfishly and dangerously, and then fails to stop when he injures someone else.

    So we’re talking about a pretty typical local bike rider, aren’t we.

  7. Maddog says:

    Cross walks don’t seem to make one bit of difference to cyclists. They skim your front or your back whilst you are crossing the road….may I remind you please that if someone is on the crossing you MUST STOP and WAIT until they are off it COMPLETELY…swerving around me or behind me is not safe for me or for you, so cut it out

    • Pat says:

      This took place where there is normally a set of traffic lights, not a zebra crossing……

  8. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  9. Y-Gurl says:

    But surely yet AGAIN the multi million dollar SERCO state of the art CCTV system would have picked up super high definition pictures of this nasty incident and the asuspect should be in custody by now…wait for the BPS call for smart phone footage!

  10. wahoo says:

    If you were riding a bike and hit somebody you would stop regardless (not irregardless ’cause that ain’k a word). If you did not stop that makes you an a##h@!# my point is it does not matter if the lights were working or not! This was another example of how much disregard Bermudians (alleged) have for others…I blame the plp – but you knew that already.