Restoration Of Fort Cunningham & Paget Island

March 23, 2017

A project to restore Fort Cunningham and Paget Island is being spearheaded by the Mirrors Programme as part of their 10th year celebration activities, with the collaborative project involving Mirrors, Outward Bound, Department of Youth, Sport & Recreation, Department of Parks, the Bermuda National Museum, Bermuda National Trust, Keep Bermuda Beautiful and volunteers.

“Mirrors will lead the development of the 5-year plan for restoring Fort Cunningham and Paget Island to support an increased usage and awareness of both sites,” Minister of Social Development and Sports Nandi Outerbridge explained.

“The intention is to host two cleanup days annually in April and November with additional work in-between the cleanup days to restore the fort. April 8th 2017 will be the first cleanup day with current Mirrors participants and friends.

“The day will begin with breakfast, a brief opening, and stretching exercises at Kings Square before the team heads to the island at 8:40am. If members of the public are interested in joining us, please contact Jeanene Todd at the Mirrors office, 294-9291.”

Fort Cunningham and Paget Island Bermuda March 2017 (1)

Mirrors will activate two committees during the latter part of April, to include a Strategic Planning Committee which will develop the restoration project plan, and a Bermuda Fort Ambassador Certification Committee that will be responsible for developing the certification scheme for young adults.

The intention of the certification scheme is to integrate a specific fort tour guide certification with the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s cultural tourism focus. The emphasis is to engage young adults to become tour guides.

Mirror’s Programme Coordinator Kimberley Jackson stated, “We are in the early stages of the planning for this area. Kevin Bean, a current volunteer, presented the ambassador scheme and we began the research to further the idea.”

She further stated, “It was an easy decision to focus on Fort Cunningham and Paget Island, as we engage in an annual outdoor adventure with Outward Bound. We have always wanted to use Fort Cunningham for a trust walk activity, but due to the condition of the surrounding area we were unable to gain access.

“This year we gained access and realized that we could put our efforts into restoring this historical cultural icon to raise awareness about its significance in terms of our heritage.

“The required community service project for Mirrors will be allocated to this focus for the next 5 years. We are grateful to the partners, including the staff at the Department of Youth Sports and Recreation for providing the logistical support for this venture.”

Fort Cunningham and Paget Island Bermuda March 2017 (2)

Department of Parks Acting Director Jonelle Christopher said, “The Department of Parks welcomes community involvement. It is our pleasure to introduce and share the Forts with the people of Bermuda.

“We hope that this project will gain interest and a commitment to preserve our history. We thank Mirrors for their participation and look forward to a prosperous and long term partnership.”

Executive Director of the National Museum Dr. Edward Harris said, “Fort Cunningham is one of the most important heritage sites in Bermuda, because of its unusual construction in the 1870s.

“We, at the National Museum at Dockyard, welcome this restoration project spearheaded by the Mirrors Programme and look forward to assisting the project and seen the great fort restoration to its former glory.”

Speaking on behalf of Outward Bound Bermuda, Acting Commissioner of Police Paul Wright said, “Outward Bound Bermuda is delighted to be involved in restoring and enhancing facilities at Fort Cunningham and Paget Island.

“For the past thirty years, young people have been excited to explore the dark tunnels at Fort Cunningham as part of the Outward Bound program. Additionally, Paget Island has served as the home for Outward Bound as well as Youth, Sport & Recreation camps for many years. The involvement of Mirrors will enhance positive experiences for the young people of Bermuda at both of these important sites.”

Bermuda National Trust Executive Director Bill Zuill said, “We are thrilled to be able to support the Mirrors Programme in this important work which will help to bring Bermuda’s heritage alive for a new generation of Bermudians. We commend Mirrors for selecting Paget Island for this project and for bringing together different groups in a community collaboration.”

The organiser added, “We will need support from the broader community, including corporate Bermuda, to realize the vision of restoring Fort Cunningham to its former glory. Please contact Kimberley Jackson at 294-9291 or to get involved with this project.”

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  1. Izzypop says:

    Good project to get prisoners out working off tax payers money .

  2. JohnBoy says:

    Wow! How was it allowed to get to that stage??

  3. Terry says:

    Get them lazy a***s up there at Westgate to fix a broken bus; drive it down St.Davids and get the Pilot boat to take em and do the clean up.
    Takes 8 1/8 minutes (shore to Paget Island) if you know what your doing.

    Government has the ‘Man Power’.


  4. A part of history worth restoring and at the same time memories for some that would rather forget.

  5. property owner says:

    Restore and maintain if you must maintain please contract it out

  6. tony says:

    many young boys spent their youth there. something i’d like to forget.