Photos & Video: Salvation Army Kite Workshop

April 13, 2017

The clients of Salvation Army’s Harbour Light programme showcased their skills by making an array of Bermuda kites, with the sales proceeds  helping to assist them to do activities as part of their recovery therapy.

A spokesperson said, “Our chapel has been turned into a kite workshop, and an amazing buzz of energy has been going on in here as the clients have demonstrated their creativity.

“They’ve had an opportunity to have some therapy because working on a Bermuda kite is really good therapy, concentration, and they have also developed their teamwork because they’ve had to work together. Some interesting dialogue has been going on.


“Now, we have created these wonderful kites. I say we because I’m part of this organization: I haven’t touched a kite, but I stand in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. We need the general public, if you haven’t yet purchased your kite, please come and get yourself a treasure, and in so doing you will contribute to these clients.

“Their self concept, their self esteem has risen as they’ve looked at their handiwork, but more importantly, you help them in their journey financially and in terms of your support. So, here’s our plea: come, buy a kite, fly a kite.

“I purchased two last year and they both went up, so come on, join us here at the Salvation Army.

“Our kites are moderately priced; $25 for a regular kite. If you want what we call a Bermuda Roundie, pay a little bit more at $35. We have some miniature kites as well for around $12.”

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  1. Adele says:

    I decided I want to fly a kite this year! Exactly where do I go to buy one of these?

  2. Game Changer2017 says:

    Ah, how are people supposed to fly kites if the island ran out of kite string??

  3. Daylily says:

    Wonderful story will support.