Savvy Foundation Helps Promote Asthma Care

April 25, 2017

Savvy Foundation, an organization that serves youth and adults in the area of health and wellness, is giving back to the community with the sponsorship of 20 asthma treatments to Sankofa.

A spokesperson said, “Sankofa is a holistic treatment center that offers an array of natural methods that will increase your level of wellness. We offer acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, empowerment coaching, energy/chakra balancing as well as tai chi/qigong and spiritual development classes.

“Dr. Larry Trott, the director of Sankofa, is celebrating 20 years in business. The asthma treatments are just one of many special offerings that will be available during the year. The donation by Savvy Foundation will assist in the holistic treatment of asthma to youth and adults that suffer from the ailment.”

Savvy Foundation President W.A. Blakey said, “Savvy Foundation is proud to support the asthma treatment program by Sankofa in Bermuda. Asthma is such a prevalent condition that so many of the population suffers from, and this promotion can assist with providing alternate and successful relief of the ailment.

“We look forward to funding a service that will improve the quality of life for a few, but hopefully inform and educate many on options that are available for asthma treatment.

“I would like to express gratitude to Savvy Foundation for their sincere interest and support of our asthma program. Our intention is to bring the awareness of natural therapeutic methods of healing that have been used for thousands of years for treating asthma and most chronic illness.

“The participants in the program will also learn techniques that they can use everyday. So give us a call if you are interested in participating and helping to share the possibilities of holistic healing for asthma.”

To learn more, visit the website or call 292-2513.

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