Ministry: Low Rainfall, Please Conserve Water

May 3, 2017

Saying that the current amount of rainfall in Bermuda is well below normal levels — with last month’s rainfall 80% below the normal average — the Government is urging people to “make all efforts to conserve water at this time.”

Water Bermuda TC May 3 2017

A Public Works spokesperson said, “As noted by the Bermuda Weather Service, the current amount of rainfall in Bermuda is well below normal levels for this time of year. The amount of rainfall for April 2017 was 80% below the normal average.

“This has caused a very high demand for water across the island. As a result, the Ministry has implemented conservation measures to allow consistent daily access for water truckers and piped customers while also ensuring that essential customers such as the King Edward Memorial VII Hospital, Cedar Park and Mary Victoria estates, who are solely reliant on the piped water supply, receive water during this time.

“The Ministry would like to remind the public to make all efforts to conserve water at this time. We request the public only order water as and when they need it and strongly discourage stockpiling water in their tanks.

“Residents should also monitor tank levels regularly to determine if and when they will require water. This will ensure that water can be ordered and received before running out.

“The Ministry would like to thank the public for their cooperation.”

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  1. Point boy says:

    My parents invested back in the early 90′s for a well. The best money spent, worth more than a new car. But a lot cheaper in the long run.

    • Bermudians know that when we shower we dont keep the water running when we lather, so give a memo to everybody else.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Old time locals know that we’re always in water conservation mode and they’re always available to newcomers to the island to politely explain the importance of and how to do it .

  3. wahoo says:

    It is not OJ’s fault that we are out of water…she never takes a bath.

  4. Wut?! says:

    Well, gee.. thanks for the notice guys. It’s only about 2 weeks too late but better late than never.

  5. Cris says:

    Our Island, surrounded by water and not one of them know what to do with it. It’s a shame, all the money spent on people that collect a salary to deal with our potable water supply. Year after year we all find ourselves in the same situation. This drought condition has been ongoing for years, the water lens has been in recline for the last 5 plus years. Its only been the last 5 to 6 weeks without rain has everyone notice. Whats the plan? Lets hear the short term and the long term one. What are we ‘ tax payers ‘ paying for? This is not a political rant but one for our Civil ‘servants’.

  6. Lemon Tree says:

    With Americas Cup almost upon us, is anyone ordering a tanker of water for us??