Weather May Affect America’s Cup Opening

May 25, 2017

[Updated] The current forecast for Friday [May 26] is for high winds, and the America’s Cup organisers said a final decision about the opening may be made as late as 9.00pm on Thursday [May 25], and if racing is cancelled on Friday, the America’s Cup Village will be closed and the Opening Ceremony “would also be delayed.”

The organisers said, “The America’s Cup Village is ready, the teams are prepared and excitement is building for the eagerly anticipated start of the 35th America’s Cup.

“The weather has been excellent this week, and is forecast to remain good on Saturday [27th May] and next week, however the current forecast for Friday 26th May is showing wind levels gusting above 30 knots in the afternoon.

Slideshow of the Village as the final preparations were underway earlier this week:


“Whilst the wind may drop within the raceable limits of 6-24 knots later in the evening, the safety of both the sailors and spectators is always paramount, and a decision whether to open the America’s Cup Village or not will be taken accordingly.

“On Friday 26th May, racing is scheduled to begin at 5.00pm and the Opening Ceremony is due to take place from 8.30pm. A final decision about the opening of the America’s Cup Village may be made as late as 9.00pm Thursday 25th May, after a more updated forecast is assessed.

“If racing is cancelled on Friday 26th May, the America’s Cup Village will also be closed. Racing would then be rescheduled for Saturday afternoon and the Opening Ceremony would also be delayed.

America’s Cup Event Authority CEO Russell Coutts said, “With a sellout crowd for Friday, and huge anticipation for what we are confident will be one of the most competitive America’s Cups ever, rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that the opening day goes ahead.

“However, if the prudent decision is to postpone the start of the event, then racing will be rescheduled to Saturday, where the weather forecast indicates great racing conditions.”

The organisers added. “Please stay tuned to all America’s Cup channels for event updates:, Twitter and Facebook @americascup. For local Bermuda travel updates such as ferries and buses, please go to or via Twitter @AC2017BDA and Facebook @ACBermuda

24/05/2017 - Bermuda - 35th America's Cup 2017 - Live photos

“Should the America’s Cup Village not open, all ticket holders for the America’s Cup Village, Grandstand seats, Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar and Longtail Lounge will automatically receive a refund.

“Should they wish to attend another day, tickets will separately need to be purchased for this day. For Official Spectator Boat ticket holders, should the boat be unable to leave the dock, they will also be provided with a refund.”

Update Thurs, May 25, 10.40am: The organisers said, “The weather forecast remains poor on Friday 26th May for the opening day of the 35th America’s Cup. A final decision will be made this afternoon by 5pm today. If the first day is postponed then racing will be rescheduled to Saturday, where conditions are looking very good,”

The Bermuda Weather Service’s forecast for tomorrow says, “Cloudy,showers,chance thunder,mid-afternoon to early evening. Winds south-southwesterly strong gusts to gale force, especially around showers.”

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  1. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Burt will call for another motion, cause the milk man cannot control the weather.

    • No matter how much money you have and can influence, Higher Powers prevail.

      • mark says:

        My thoughts exactly. Burt and the plp cannot escape that higher power. Their greed will come back to bite them.

        • Was talking about de weather Dopey.

        • Snapper says:

          The greed laying waste to Bermudian society from Government ruling MPs present and former since December 2012 rests solely on OBA policy and laws to benefit immigration labour for nonBermudians. Defunding education and vital social programs whilst providing multiple tax breaks and corporate welfare that has not been proven necessary. Yeah, if you make good profits, do you need our tax dollars diverted?

        • mixitup says:

          My thoughts exactly..well that’s if you really want to look at what the masters of greed really look like..And they don’t look like Burt

          • Greed!!!!!
            People havnt had a raise in 5 years, prices keep going up and we give concessions to Billionaires.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        And you’re just gloating over this possibility , aren’t you ?

    • Amazing change .....only the name says:


  2. Izzypop says:

    So if we hv tickets for the Friday night and they reschedule to Saturday. They r saying we can get a refund and buy Saturday tickets. Well that’s bull sh** cause Saturday is sold out also.

    • Northrock says:

      Read the last paragraph…they ‘said ‘ another day’ not necesarily Saturday.

  3. I and I says:

    Natural Mystic!

  4. Mother Nature is a B!+€#

  5. Americas Cup Fan says:

    I got tickets for Friday and Saturday so I’m good .

  6. mixitup says:

    lol… Well didn’t we say we needed rain?