PLP: ”Election Is About A Better Tomorrow”

June 8, 2017

The day before the government were due to face a vote of no confidence, the Premier has called an election and “clearly he has done this to avoid the results of that vote, but he cannot avoid the verdict of no confidence that will be delivered at the ballot box on July 18,” the PLP said this evening.

The PLP’s statement follows after Premier Michael Dunkley announced earlier this evening that the General Election will be held on July 18th.

PLP Bermuda TC June 8 2017

A PLP spokesperson said, “The day before he and his OBA government were due to face a vote of no confidence in Parliament, the Premier has called an election. Clearly, he has done this to avoid the results of that vote, but he cannot avoid the verdict of no confidence that will be delivered at the ballot box on July 18th.

“The minority OBA Government had lost their mandate to govern and the PLP welcomes the forthcoming general election so that the people of the country the OBA has worked so hard to divide can now decide their future. Bermuda has suffered for four years under the OBA and our families cannot withstand another term of their divisive policies and arrogant leadership.

“In the last four years Bermuda has lost 2000 jobs, Bermuda’s debt has doubled and the gap between the haves and have nots has increased. Bermudians are enduring an ever increasing cost of living with wages that aren’t covering our needs.

“Bermudian parents, students, and teachers are suffering with an under-resourced public education system that is an afterthought to the OBA. Bermudians have had 4 years of jobs losses, downsizing, outsourcing, and an uncertain future. Bermuda can do better than we’re doing under the OBA.

“The PLP is ready to be your next Government. We have listened to you and we have learned from you. We know that the most important issues that affect our country’s future require a measured and bipartisan approach. Our country is facing a jobs crisis. The next PLP Government will implement a fair immigration policy that promotes Bermudian employment and stimulates economic growth.

“Pathways to Status is not the solution, despite the OBA’s efforts to force it upon us. We will reduce the costs of employment through bipartisan tax reform and reduce healthcare costs through greater competition and the use of technology. Your PLP Government will introduce retraining programs to ensure higher levels of employment for Bermudians.

“Let’s get our Bermudians back to work. We’re confident that if we come together, on July 18th, the people will elect a government that puts Bermudians first. While the countdown begins today, this election is about a better tomorrow for us all.”

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  1. Justin says:

    The ‘Better Tomorrow’ should have been today if the PLP wouldn’t have out us into this mess!

    • Now thats what I call “Getting Called Out”

      • @ Justin , So as it is in Great Britain, So shall it be in Bermuda, Don’t worry mate, it is now 5 weeks to count down, and the O.B.A is history.

        P.L.P’S Mandate is to learn from not only the mistakes of their past errors, but to to also learn from the present errors of the governing U.B.P / O.B.A

        Clear Water beaches belong first to the People of St, David’s and all Born Bermudians, Cooper’s Island, all of which this Government has decided to slide into the hands of this group that is redeveloping the airport after the completion of the airport.

        Education has been overlooked for far to long and our teachers and children have been exposed to degrading systems of educating our your and deplorable buildings to teach them in.

        Our Seniors have been forced to live below the poverty line and to be struck with the lost of old age benefits that they now have to pay out of pocket.

        Our so called O.B.A government makes claims that they have provided the 2000 jobs they promised, but yet can not give statistic to prove this fact, all we can see is more foreign workers have come here in drove, while we are now reached a near 7000 Bermudians that are unemployed, which includes youth who have become of age and can’t find work in their own country.

        We have a government who give away prime real estate and money in the tune of millions like drunken sailors, and show no serious net profit returns.

        Oh and before the real joker’s start chiming in, lets not go back to the old saying of what the P.L.P did, Because we do not have those leaders in position right now, so deal with the hand we are presently being dealt.

        Finally if the O.B.A has the opportunity to regain the government, the very first act they need to perform, is get rid of that joker they have as a leader at present, MISTER PHOTO UP!

        With that being said, I do not look forward to another 4 years of the O.B.A or it’s kind, but I do pray and trust that this past experience for the P.L.P has given them the time and opportunity to now give netter governance then they first did.

        There is nothing at this point that the U.B.P / O.B.A can say to me to sway me, so please do not come to my door. You have caused the Middle class and most importantly the Working Class to suffer greater suffrage then seen in ages.

        When you ignore the main frame of a society, it has it’s way of coming back full, and biting you in the Ox.

        • Double S says:

          “le we are now reached a near 7000 Bermudians that are unemployed, which includes youth who have become of age and can’t find work in their own country.”

          7,000 unemployed!

          You PLPers have never met a lie you didn’t like…

          • Double S says:

            Clearwater beaches are also going to the Canadians?

            For a supposed man of faith yuo sure have no shame when it comes to misleading people.

            Disgusting…but expected

        • aceboy says:

          Those signs that read Bermudians First….I am Bermudian and I know your party really means is CERTAIN Bermudians first.

    • Mother Theresa says:

      That’s very funny!

  2. Bermyman says:

    A better tomorrow for Zane, Ewart , Burgess and the others on the PLP malfeasance plan

  3. No way Jose says:

    So far , I haven’t heard anything from the PLP saying HOW they plan to improve things. The only chance we have , if they win, is if they do nothing.

    • Somerset Girl says:

      Yes, I have been wondering the same thing…….. HOW? What is the plan? We can see what the OBA is doing what’s the PLP going to do?

      • Double S says:

        They are going to use our pension monies for risky start-up investments…probably a connected one as well given their history with capital projects and taxpayer funds

      • Concerned says:

        Ask Laverne

      • Honestly says:

        So you don’t have a problem with the OBA spending such a large amount of money on AC? You people are blind and ridiculous. However I am waiting for the PLP to roll out a plan as well! But the OBA is for self first not Bermudians!!!

    • Navin Johnson says:

      They have it’s called vision 2025. They will improve things in 8 years…dumb..they are clueless

    • Dontworryboutathing says:

      PLP will just ride on the coat tail of what the OBA has already started.

      • Honestly says:

        I’m sure whatever the PLP plans to do won’t be so ridiculous as the OBA! Money down the toilet!

  4. Average Bermudian says:

    We the People will vote for a better tomorrow.

    So many Bermudians still out of work.
    despite the propaganda that is being told to the public

    Bermuda for all Bermudians – first

    • Average Bermudian says:

      X press yourselves

    • aceboy says:

      You are voting for a much worse tomorrow if you vote PLP.

      How are they going to grow the economy? How are all the Bermudians going to suddenly get work under the PLP? Do you want to hand your pension funds to David Burt? That was the latest brain child of the PLP. The Vision 2025 is just a bunch of words.

      • Dontworryboutathing says:

        I remember when the PLP won in 1998, there was this lady working in the dining room of a hotel industry and she said “Now its our turn, I can now make more money, my Belco bill will come down etc etc” That same lady is still working in the same position at the same hotel.
        The mentality is that all of a sudden there will be more jobs, pay will increase or the fairy will come around and magical deliver money to my doorstep.

        • Honestly says:

          That’s probably a lie! Sounds juvenile!

    • Zevon says:

      By “better tomorrow”, you mean “better in 2025″, right? In 8 or 9 years.

  5. King Jammys says:

    Foxes want to control the hen house!

  6. wedge says:

    PLP want a second chance to raid the cookie jar that the OBA have managed to start refilling……

    • Madge says:

      Come on people,just look at the candidates running in the PLP, not one of them have a real income….or own their own business….
      look at some of the P.L.P.candidates …J.Simmons, he has been in every party and done nothing,R Ming, check out her credentials,and else for flip flop Furbert,Lord have mercy……and else for the Burgess,and his agenda (he plays the race card when ever the @#$% hits the fan…) and else for Swan, the things when he was a UBP supporter said about the P.L.P and now he has become an @#$ kisser…shame on you Kim….at the end of the day it is all about the money not the sad is this…

  7. cpm says:

    The plp is all about race adnauseum

    • Honestly says:

      Selling the island to Canadians is worse than whatever the PLP will do! You should cringe at the facts that are stated on the contract.

    • JH says:

      PLP moan about race because it’s the only card they have to play. Out of any real ideas, out of f time.

  8. FFS says:

    Let’s get our Bermudians back to work. – Do you plan on using some sort of magic? or just tell all foreigners get out and expect companies to fill the voids with non qualified bermudians. Economics 101 lesson, to grow jobs you have to grow businesses first and get investment. That mess you left after your time in charge takes time to fix. You can’t put the cart before the horse, like the guys in green want to. Just keep saying a bunch of fluff, I’m hoping Bermuda will be wise to your divisive tactics.

    • frank says:

      A resturants is southampton just recently hired 2
      Philipino ladies as waitresses 1 lady has been here the manager will just say that she could not
      Find a bermudian and all THE COOKS ARE NOT

      • Zevon says:

        And yet the PLP granted 20,000 work permits in 3 years, while Bermudians were losing their jobs.

    • I shall not be moved says:

      That is a lie straight from the gates of hell that Bermudians are not qualified. There is a foreigner at my place of employment who speaks broken English, no one likes to give her work because this individual screws it up but yet this individual is still employed.

      When there are numerous Bermudians from the private sector in this field who have been made redundant but are still unemployed. There is economic oppression that is taking place and it is intentional.

      • aceboy says:

        You are deluded and being conned by the people who fill your head up with nonsense. Economic oppression on purpose?? Please.

  9. Uh... says:

    Chewing tums like they’re tic tacs right now. I have read two articles from the PLP today, and feel like I am hearing from two different parties. David Burt states “We take this opportunity to once again call on the Premier to give the people their chance and call an election,” “if he chooses not to do the right thing, we will answer the call of so many Bermudians and cast a vote of no confidence tomorrow.” Fine, and fair enough. The Premier “does the right thing” calls an election. Cool. Then in a separate article a unnamed PLP spokesperson states“clearly he has done this to avoid the results of that vote, but he cannot avoid the verdict of no confidence that will be delivered at the ballot box”.I am stunned. Shouldn’t be because this is how PLP operates, but still I am just stunned. My dad is a supporter of this party, and I just can’t wrap my head around why. If I was to compare any party to Trump right now, it would be the PLP. Pissing, moaning, dazed, and confused. I am not really interested in either party, and if the OBA was doing this I would say the same about them.

  10. ImJustSayin says:

    It doesn’t matter who runs the country. It will be the same crap.

  11. Party says:

    Having lived through the terror of the last PLP Government, the thought of them getting in again is horrifying. It will kill the recovery which is so, so clearly happening.

    • Mother Theresa says:

      Yes it will

    • Wise Guy says:

      Heard that in 11/9/98 as well.

      • Beverley J Connell says:

        In 1998, the PLP Government were handed clean books, little to no debt and accounts that were in order. No real ‘new government’ test for them. All they had to do was to make fiscally sound, sustainable policy. And they would still be the Government. If they do win this election, they will finally have a REAL test of governing, balancing their promises with fiscal prudence. They didn’t do that in 14 years, can they do it now?

    • Wise Guy says:

      Heard that in 98 as well.

      • Double S says:

        Came true as well…

        • Wise Guy says:

          No actually we went through the most productive decade ever under the PLP before the global recession of ’08..

          • aceboy says:


            Where’s the beef?

            There’s no beef.

            It’s all gone.

    • Honestly says:

      OBA used all money on their projects. The unnecessary projects. Tell me which island you go to and have a big open brand new airport. Bahamas I know of. Most islands turned these Canadians down like they knew the deal was bad for their country. Not the OBA! Vulnerable people

  12. Ronnie V says:

    So please expand with specifics on what exactly the PLP will do:

    - to reduce the cost of Govt
    - how you will continue the downward trend of the Govt budget
    - how you will begin to pay down the debt
    - how will you reduce health care costs using technology. Great to hear but specifics
    - how you will increase job opportunities for Bermudians
    - how you will give assurance to the international companies operating here, that your policies will be favorable

    Why those questions?

    - the cost of Govt increased substantially under the last PLP period as Govt
    - the debt rose from $162m in 1998 to $ 1.8bn in 2012
    - the last attempt to reform healthcare in Bermuda under the PLP Govt failed
    - we had under employment in 1998 and significant unemployment in 2012 ( yes, global recession a major factor but many jobs were lost due to the PLP immigration and tax polices)
    - extremely combative immigration policies and commentary targeted to International companies up to 2012

    Note, no personal attacks of anyone…just simply asking reasonable questions.

    • reality on debt says:

      - the cost of government increased substantially under the last OBA period as Govt.
      - the debt rose from $1.4Bn in 2012 to $2.8Bn in 2016.
      - the OBA made no attempt to reform healthcare while insurance rates rose for average Bermudians. Average Bermudian with a $60K paycheck pays $3K more today than they did in 2012.
      - we had 1,600 MORE Bermudian jobs in 2012 than we had in 2016. In 2012, the global economy was in crisis, in 2016, it is thriving.
      - today, immigrants have all the jobs.

      • Double S says:

        Lies and alternative facts.

        - The deficit has been halved from the PLP’s $400mn hole they left behind; thus if the PLP had stayed in power our debt would have increased by over $3bn given the fact that they persistently increased the deficit with no clue on how to balance a budget.

        - the debt rose because of the PLP’s $400mn deficit; if they wanted they could have imposed draconian cuts and balance the budget within a few years; instead they opted not make one civil servant redundant (larges Government expense) and adopted the glide path as suggested by the SAGE commission; in the end the need to borrow is a direct consequence of the PLP’s financial management incompetence

        - Government health care deductions decreased for the first time in eons this year whilst my private insurance monthly deductions fell 1.55% with the provider noting that thsi was due to legislative changes over certain plans;

        - when the OBA took over the PLP oversaw the loss of 2,000 jobs in their last year alone; actually over their last term in power they saw the loss of nearly 5,000 jobs; so the OBA has stopped the bleeding

        - if only immigrants had jobs then does that mean Bermudians have a 100% unemployment rate

        PLPers and their alternative fact. Much like how Burt the other day tried to claim that the cruise ships back in St. Georges was due to the PLP. You guys live in an alternate universe.

      • Double S says:

        Oh and how come you conveniently left out the 5 CONSECUTIVE qualified audits the PLP received on the consolidated fund….and the fact that since the OBA all audits since have been unqualified?

      • aceboy says:

        The increase in the debt was necessary thanks to the doubling of the Civil Service under the PLP. Had the borrowing not happened they would all be out of jobs and you’d be crying about that.

        Health care????? What the PLP did was to build a very pretty hospital that cannot cope with all the patients. PPP remember? Costs have skyrocketed as a result of that.

        How do you think the PLP would have done better? These are the guys who built the Grand Atlantic over the objections of anyone involved. One unit sold. *flushing sound*.

        Overpayments of millions by the PLP, with no recovery due to completely lax financial policies in Government.

        Massive time and cost overruns on each and every project they managed.

        Why do you think the PLP will be any different this time?

        • aceboy says:

          ..and btw…the PLP claim they will spend on social programs. They can ONLY do that by borrowing MORE. You do realize that right, Mr. Reality on Debt?

        • Let there be hope says:

          It is very clear you have never owned your own or run a business. Who in their right mind burrows money to pay staff continuously?

          • aceboy says:

            Oh dear. This poor chap thinks there is a choice.

      • Concerned says:

        Again, look over the term of the PLP – read slowly and carefully to allow yourself to understand that the PLP screwed their own people thinking they could get back at the Others as they say of this island. Daily you see new faces on Southside, St. David’s, mothers with children of all ages, senior men and women, fathers with their children, families ripped apart and struggling, no employment (reasons only they know themselves). At one point there was a very expensive black sports car owned by someone living in the men’s quarters. These people were employed, perhaps owned small businesses, had homes or apartments, travelled, had insurance and bank accounts all prior to the PLP’s reign of terror. And you are in agreement with this and will vote for them again – foolishness

    • the real Terry says:

      Ronnie V Hope your not holding your breath waiting for their reply. Want to offend an OBA supporter tell them a lie, want to offend a PLP supporter tell them the truth.

  13. Aqua cadit resurge says:

    Just cause trouble comes a visiting doesn’t mean you have to have to offer it a place to sit down…vote OBA.

  14. Trump supporter says:

    How many companies left at the last PLP time of office.

    • Madge says:

      A lot of companies left the Island in the time of office of the P.L.P.and some companies are contiplating if the P.L.P. win the up comming election…. they are looking for other places to conduct their business…..

  15. Coffee says:

    OBA diehards have never questioned why did Crockwell and Pettingalll resign from the OBA .

    Today , we still don’t have the answers to why the party ex chairman Thad Hollis resigned .

    Why DID Craig Cannonier get tuffed out of the premiership .

    Is the OBA still an alliance ? No !

    The Fairylands UBP is fighting for it’s very existence … Again !

    • aceboy says:

      We don’t need to question why they left the OBA. We all know why. The moment we saw their names on the group who appealed to the courts to throw out the Lahey case we knew and we knew how they would vote if the no confidence vote had happened.

      As to the rest…what happened to Marc Bean?

      Ewart Brown stepped down. Why?

      What happened to Jennifer Smith, who Ewart kicked to the curb when he “had to deceive you”? Why did that happen?

    • So Tired says:

      I’ll sip my coffee to those statements and wait for the answers

    • Let there be hope says:

      Just like PLP diehards… Can’t see the mess they left behind. It is very sad that people vote party rather then who is best to run a country.

  16. Cow polly says:

    I will not entertain the PLP until they mature into a party that formulates plans that takes the country forward and stops using tactics that divide our people. I’m not particularly supportive of the OBA either but at least there is a plan and it appears to be working

  17. hulktoo says:

    incredible how we bermuda (not painting everyone with the same brush) have two parties that are consistent with the same rethoric …… oust one the next one does it to us …. Incredible ….. we have a vote of no confidence in either party ….. Very few gunuine people left in the world ….. Bermuda … I guess this is the best we have … so continue to do the best we can

  18. just saying says:

    Can you imagine Mr,Burts arrogance at a conference overseas representing Bermuda.
    Well sir I cannot answer that until 2025 when our govt releases our platform.

  19. No Ignorance says:

    As much as I love and support the PLP…they really need to come up with some stronger tag lines and slogans. Weak. Come on guys!

  20. shutthemdown says:

    And the end has come for the UBP/oba.

    You will not be missed.

    Get out and vote because the UBP/oba never looked out for Black Bermudians.

  21. Joe says:

    we are on course for a better today and tomorrow why have the unprogressive backwards X UPB take us down again FORWARD PLEASE

  22. Bob says:

    Not all seniors are living below the poverty line..??
    This is why you must save NOW, while working for your future
    There are people working now and still do not manage themselves and money.

    These schools did not just get into mold.. It takes time to the school workers/maintenance/janitors have just done a bad job.

    You do not let your own home get like this and then move out..??

  23. BdaCedar says:

    The OBA has driven progress. The PLP has driven division. The only rational choice for Bermuda is progress.

    • I shall not be moved says:

      The Tuckers Town/Fairylands UBP Party’s policies has driven division.

      • Cowpoly says:

        They kept money in Bermuda…
        BROWN took it out of Bermuda….
        Get it????

  24. UmJustSaying says:

    Two things I do not like. Promises and Lies

  25. Common Sense says:

    Better for who? The only people who did well under the last PLP government were the Friends and family at the expense of the rest of us. The COI is all the evidence we need.

  26. Rocky5 says:

    Why would I vote for PLP vision of division, resentment, xenophobia, hate, intolerance and race-baiting? We lost thousands of jobs when they were last in power and they borrowed huge amounts of money LONG before the economic downturn!!!

  27. just wondering says:

    one question – how on earth are you going to pay for all this?? and PLEASE don’t say by going back to uncontrolled debt like you did last time!

  28. JH says:

    PLP simply cannot be trusted at this time. They make all kinds of promises but don’t say where the money will come from. We’ve been here before people! Not now, not ever. Only a complete fool would believe their lies.