BDA Welcomes New Premier & Cabinet

July 21, 2017

The Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA] has welcomed new Progressive Labour Party Premier David Burt and his Cabinet following yesterday’s official swearing-in ceremony at Government House.

A spokesperson said, “BDA CEO Ross Webber commended the PLP’s prioritisation of fiscal responsibility, and said the Premier’s pledge to work closely with the whole Bermuda community was a “unifying” message, underscoring for global audiences the island’s long-time reputation as a collaborative jurisdiction.

“Eleven Ministers and five Senators were sworn into office by Governor John Rankin following the PLP’s 24–12 election victory Tuesday. Among them were the Premier, who also took on the portfolio of Finance after having served as Shadow Finance Minister since 2012, and Jamahl Simmons, who was named Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.”

“I must start by thanking the former Premier, the Honourable Michael Dunkley, and his Cabinet,” Premier Burt told the Government House gathering.

“We know that running a country is not easy, and on behalf of the people of Bermuda, I would like to thank them for their work over the past four and half years.

“We are here today to start the work. I recognise that fiscal responsibility must start from the top. It is not enough for us to just talk about financial discipline; we must demonstrate it in all that we do. Our pledge to the people of Bermuda is simple: we will be an open and transparent government. We will listen, to all segments of society and we will communicate with you regularly.

“Bermuda works best when we work together.”

“Webber said he and his BDA team look forward to working closely with Premier Burt, Minister Simmons, and other stakeholders, on jurisdictional and international business issues critical to the island’s economic well-being.”

“The BDA sends congratulations to Premier Burt and his new Cabinet, and we applaud the Premier on his clear message of collaboration,” said Webber.

“The Premier’s message on fiscal responsibility, transparency and partnership was reflective of all the attributes which give Bermuda its top-tier status as a leading global financial centre.

“Bermuda is different to every other international financial jurisdiction in the world,” added Webber, “and our whole community recognises economic success has been built on that same strong spirit of collaboration and transparency. Long may it continue.”

“Earlier this week, the BDA released a post-election statement congratulating the party on its win and celebrating Bermuda’s robust democratic history. The BDA said the smooth transition of government reassured investors the domicile represents a safe, well-regulated harbour amid geopolitical uncertainty around the globe due to disruptive issues like Brexit and promised US tax and immigration reform.”

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  1. Rocky5 says:

    And the dancing starts!!

  2. Jamique says:

    The BDA has been brilliant for Bermuda. Let them do their thing with minimal interference please.

  3. Clever says:

    I think you’ll find this message of support isn’t dancing – it is more a rebuttal to negative comments coming out of Cayman.