New Air Routes Promise To Boost Tourism

July 2, 2017

Junior Minister for Tourism, Transport and Municipalities Kenneth Bascome has highlighted joint efforts underway that could substantially diversify the markets from which Bermuda derives its tourism.

The Junior Minister was commenting on the return of tourism as a considerable contributor to Bermuda’s economic engine, with new Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] figures showing that May air arrivals jumped by nearly 24 percent in two years.

In addition, for the first five months of the year, the number of air vacation and leisure arrivals in 2017 are 29 percent higher than two years ago, according to the BTA’s figures.

Upbeat about the island’s prospects for continued success in tourism, he said, “These numbers reflect the hard work of the BTA, which the OBA Government had the foresight to create.

“These numbers show that Bermuda’s tourism product is once again becoming a major and important part of the economic contribution to Bermuda.

“The Ministry has been working closely with both the BTA and Skyport to secure new routes to Bermuda including Europe and the US.

“These conversations are becoming easier since Bermuda is back on the map with new hotels and greater lift. Jet Blue’s commitment this year has played a big part.

“We intend to continue our efforts and support of the BTA to get results for all Bermudians.”

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  1. Really says:

    Fahy ? Fahy? Wherefore art thou Fahy ? lmao

  2. Vote says:

    Michael Fahy is the transport minister right? He’s been very quiet lately, they’re really allowing the surrogates to do all the talking leading up to election. Kenneth Bascome Nandi Davis seems to be getting lots of attention. Bob, Dunkley, Fahy, Moniz very quiet.