Video: Wrapping Up AC35 In Bermuda

July 7, 2017

This week’s ‘Minute with Mikaela’ video takes the time to wrap up the 35th America’s Cup, saying, “the real star of the show was Bermuda.”

During the Minute, Mikaela Pearman said, “Now that the 35th America’s Cup is now in the history books. After 2 and a half years of preparation, the event we’ve all looked forward to has finished. But don’t be sad – it was an incredible five-week long event with many highlights, culminating in Emirates Team New Zealand snatching the America’s Cup from the grasp of the Americans but the real star of the show was Bermuda.

“Bermudians from all walks of life came together in various capacities to ensure the event was a success. There were multiple contractors who worked together to create cross island – the flat surface that was home to the America’s Cup village. Not to mention all the staff – mostly Bermudian, working for America’s Cup Bermuda, the ACBDA, the company tasked with delivering a world-class stadium.”

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the fourteen committees working alongside the ACBDA.

“In addition, there were many Bermudians working for the America’s Cup event authority, the company responsible for organizing AC35.

“The America’s Cup village was also filled with Bermudians contributing to the day to day operations. All the food vendors were Bermudian companies and met the demand during AC35. And all the quality entertainment on the stage? Bermudians as well. From the official America’s Cup band 441 to school choirs, to dance groups to one of my favorites DJ Chubb, Bermudians kept the crowds entertained day in and day out.

“But the highlight for the America’s Cup 35 has to be TeamBDA, Bermuda’s team in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. The team sailed into the finals and did so well as to win a race with a spectacular first across the live finish.

“This wasn’t an easy feat considering they were competing against the best youth sailors in the world some of which compete in the Olympics and the actual America’s Cup.

“And then there’s all of you. The thousands of spectators who took a short ferry ride to cross island every single day the America’s Cup Village was open. You came in the sunshine, the rain, the wind and even when there was no wind. You shopped in the superstore, bought food from the vendors, enjoyed the entertainment, and brought Bermudian spirit to the America’s Cup.

“And we say thank you – thank you for supporting this fantastic wonderful event of the past five weeks and for the final time with the America’s Cup.”

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  1. Seascape says:

    Mikaela forgot to mention the many wonderful volunteer First Mates. They wore their pink shirts with pride and put in many, many long hours to help make this event a success.

  2. Athena says:

    Personally I have thoroughly enjoyed these “snapshots” from Mikaela Ian Pearman. Well done, young lady!

    I do hope that after she completes her stint with AC she will continue do produces “Minute with Mikaela” on other subjects or interesting activities within the community.

    Surely, a forward thinking communications outlet will snap her up!