Boat Sinking, 13 People Rescued From Water

August 27, 2017

[Updated] Thirteen people onboard a rental boat were rescued today [Aug 27] after being found in the water while the vessel they were on was sinking, with the police thanking the people that assisted with the rescue, saying “their swift actions went a long way in averting a tragedy.”

A police spokesperson said, “At 5:35pm today [Sunday] Marine Police responded to a report of an incident that took place in the waters between Darrell’s Wharf and Morgan’s Point.

“Early reports suggest that a rental boat with 13 persons on board ran into difficulty, resulting in the individuals being in danger.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained the vessel was partially submerged and all 13 persons were in the water whilst the boat was sinking.

“A local vessel came to the aid of the individuals and Marine Police subsequently assisted with rescuing of the rest of persons in the water.

“The Police would like to thank the persons onboard the vessel that assisted with the rescue, their swift actions went a long way in averting a tragedy.

“Inquiries into the incident are underway.”

Update 9.30pm: A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] spokesperson said, “At 5:48pm today, Sunday 27th August, Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was contacted by Police COMOPS, reporting that connection was lost with an initial 911 call from a person onboard a rental boat taking on water in the Great Sound area.

“Bermuda Radio commenced an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast [Pan Pan] while also dispatching Marine Police boat HERON 2 to assist. A follow-up 911 call from another vessel in the area [25ft power craft], reported that the rental boat had now sunk with all 13 persons recovered from the water.

“Bermuda Radio advised the caller that marine police would be on scene in a few seconds and assist in ferrying survivors back ashore. There were no reported injuries as Marine Police vessels ‘Rescue 1′ and ‘Heron 2′ arrived on scene and assisted in transfer of survivors back to the Waterlot Inn, Jews Bay.

“A Marine Police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“A Local Navigation Warning referencing the partially submerged vessel has been issued as follows:

  • Great Sound – A partially submerged vessel is located half way between Grace Island & Morgans Point in position LAT: 32-16.368N LONG: 064-50.468W. Mariners are advised to keep a sharp lookout and to proceed with caution.”

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  1. Did they have 13 life vests?
    Glad it turned out well.

    • Werner says:

      5 adults and 6 kids, not that small a boat either. When we got there they where all in the water trying to swim against the outgoing tide and the breeze blowing against them.
      They did have life vests and flotation devices.
      Told us that they didn’t have a VHF – not that they had any idea where they where so it would have been pretty hard to direct rescue to themself either way.
      Something worth thinking about.

      • Cotty says:

        Where are the othe 2 people?

      • Kathy says:

        Well done, Werner and Nicola. You certainly were instrumental in saving their lives!

    • Submerged says:

      Hence, the police investigation…

  2. Oh Really says:

    Only suppose to have 8 people or less on those pontoon boats.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Could be wrong but thought rental boats were limited to six passengers max. Surely it did not leave the rental dock with thirteen aboard.

  4. Stewi griffin says:

    With all these incidents with boats lately,maybe it is about time they start puting policies in place like driving on the roads..Obtaining a lience…

  5. Bill says:

    Those poontoon rental boats are licensed for 10 people. 13 is over the limit. Same thing happened at non mariners this year as well. Also they are a bad design to not have built in bouyancy tanks to prevent total submersion. Marine and Ports shouldnt allow them to operate in their current condition.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Pontoon boats are available for rent all over on lakes much larger than the sound. Much safer than a monohull but should never be overloaded. No different than any other boat.

  6. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    I have rented a few boats in y time but I never knew you could rent a self-drive boat that would hold 13 (adults or children).
    Glad no one was hurt.

  7. Rasta says:

    Unlucky 13? Or shear negligence?

  8. Really says:

    Glad they are all safe, but come on common sense tells you the boat was overloaded,hope the rental agency didn’t let it leave the dock with that many people.

  9. Watty says:

    These vessels dolphin if there is weight on bow… and underway… all it takes is a wave from the wake of a passing boat accross the bow to crest it and your soon looking straight down, but… It tends to bouyant right back up…unless everyone learched forward onto the bow… Still… I’m not getting it they have two chambered pontoons… Were they holed?