Dellwood Students Report To School Tomorrow

September 12, 2017

The Ministry of Education and Workforce Development this evening [Sept 12] said “students are to report to Dellwood Middle School tomorrow [Sept 13] as normal. Students are to assemble in the Amphitheater.

“The school will hold its usual year opening activities on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday there is a team building exercise planned for Darrell’s Island.”

A Ministry spokesperson explained that “today following additional testing and inspection mould was discovered in some rooms that had previously been deemed fine and this prompted the Department to keep the school building closed.

“The Minister of Education and Workforce Development, the Hon Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. David Burch and the Commissioner of Education met this evening with parents, teachers and BUT representatives this afternoon.

“It was agreed that on Monday students will be sent to TN Tatem and Clearwater until school is cleared and renovations completed. Both Ministers and technical staff will inspect school tomorrow and determine what needs to be done to ensure school is healthy.”

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  1. dae says:

    nope still mould …… ?

  2. ATTN: Dellwood Parents says:

    Good evening Parents:

    Please find below the updates for tomorrow, September 14, 2017

    1. We are still awaiting an update from the Ministry regarding the building however, our Lions will *report to the school amphitheater* for registration again tomorrow, September 14th, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

    2. Students will engage in the second day of the traditional *Back to School Conference* tomorrow which will be hosted across the street at the Salvation Army.

    3. Students may wear their spirit shirts, P.E. uniform or a blue, maroon or white shirt with jeans or appropriate bottoms.

    4. M1 students are to wear the name tags they received today.

    5. Students are required to bring *a packed lunch* and *plenty of water*. Parents please ensure your child has sufficient water for the day.

    6. The school day will end at *2:30 p.m.* with dismissal taking place from Dellwood Middle.

    7. Instructions for the Friday will be communicated once confirmed tomorrow.

  3. O.M.G says:

    See it does not matter who is in power the mold is still growing. I hate to tell you all but the mold is even in everyone’s homes to. We live on an very humid island. The sad part is if the OBA was
    The government you all would have been matching around the streets.
    There was mold back in my day going to dellwood. The schools need rebuilding. Something the OBA had considered but that would have been a problem to. It’s so nice that you all are helping to clean the schools for your children why did that just start to. Well the good thing we don’t have to worry about no one sitting on de hill for at least five years.

    • wahoo says:

      Yup good times are ahead for sure. We won’t have any of the stuff we were promised but at least parliament will be open and our friends will be getting big checks from our taxes.