‘Plant Material’ Seized From Unattended Cycle

September 28, 2017

A “small quantity of plant material” was seized from an unattended auxiliary cycle on the property of Mount Saint Agnes Academy earlier this month, the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “On Friday the 22nd of September police attended the Mount Saint Agnes Academy as a result of information received. This led to a small quantity of plant material being seized from an unattended auxiliary cycle on the school property.

“The drugs have been taken to the Government Analyst and an investigation is now underway to link the drugs to an individual. It should be noted that the school is fully cooperating with police.”

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  1. This bie says:

    “Plant material” lol heavens to betsie folks how dare you have a plant. Coffee is more of a drug than said plant. Now let’s all go drink a shot and smoke cigarettes

  2. spider says:

    I hope some poor child’s life is not going to be ruined by this incident. The school should have dealt with it not the police.