Port Royal Golf Course Celebrating 47th Birthday

October 23, 2017

The Golf Developmental Program ‎at Port Royal Golf Course Golf is celebrating its fourth anniversary, while Port Royal Golf Course set to celebrate its 47th birthday on October 29.

Golf pro Kim Swan said, “October 29th commemorates the date of the official opening ceremony of Port Royal Golf Course in 1970 and this month marks 47 years since that glorious day.

“The opening of Port Royal Golf Course has proven to be a historic occasion on many levels, a sporting facility that ushered in excitement, optimism and provided opportunity for all within the local golf community unparalleled to date.

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“Through the investment into public golf in Bermuda with the introduction of a world class championship golf course, it unearthed a suppressed interest in golf from the masses, whose exposure to the game was limited to then rugged 9-hole Ocean View Golf Course or playing at the ‘crack of dawn’ under unacceptable and unwelcoming circumstances.

“The advent of Port Royal ignited a universal interest, passion and love for the game which mushroomed as Port Royal Golf Course matured with all of its splendor.

“Today, forty seven years later Port Royal has undergone a substantive makeover, under the watchful eye of one of its original creators, no less than Roger Rullewich formerly of Robert Trent Jones Sr. design group.”

“Of course, the introduction of the PGA of America by former Premier Dr. Hon Ewart Brown and the staging of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, eclipsed the former glory days of Shells Wonderful World of Golf which was unprecedented in Bermuda during the pioneering days televised sporting events in the late 1950’s.

“Port Royal in 1970 played its part in ushering a more inclusive mandate within a sport [golf] which was transitioning away from a period of overt segregation and deliberately targeted racist practices in Golf.

“While the mindset stemming from the legacy of golf’s origins have proven to become more subliminal decades later, few can deny the part Port Royal Golf Course has played moving Bermuda forward socially. Indeed, a positive role which turned the tide toward a more fairer and just golfing community, albeit with room for improvement.

“Today the challenge exist to create an excitement in Bermuda around the great game of golf. My answer for this lies within our own hearts to create a ‘Love for the Game’.

“Personally, I am fondly reminded of this date in history for Port Royal Golf Course, because Port Royal means so much to me on so many levels. Yes, it has been written and spoken about the origins of that great love I hold for Port Royal Golf Course.

“The areas that encompass Port Royal Golf Course, the Families and Communities are significant when understanding the role of Love in the ignition of a new resurgence in golf in Bermuda. As we commemorate Port Royal on its 47th anniversary- we celebrate the Whale Bay, Evans Bay, Death Valley, Rockaway, Rose Hill, Pompano Road, Spring Benny, White Hill and Somerset Bridge communities as well.

“Today, the majesty of Port Royal is evident as I traverse this widespread property plying my trade, I am humbled by the presence of a greater spirit that is the real miracle that is the mystique of Port Royal’.”

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  1. Bermudian Patriot says:

    Hey, what about Zane, he fixed up that old goat farm, as a trustee! Why was he not included?

    • Done more in 100 Days than 5yrs of OBA says:

      Rename it at 50, the Royal Zewart.

  2. Kevin says:

    Wow Kim are you serious you are so hell bent on the Race card , one day you will accept that not all is based on that prospect. Back in the 60′s maybe but mate we are in 2017 don’t think its relevant .Political BS is easy when you aren’t held accountable for what you say.The original Port Royal opened the door for more Bermudians to play the game. Ocean View and Rose Hill were economical options for locals and the game flourished later years many Bermudians were hired as the Professionals and the game grew …Economy went south and today we have St. Georges Closed guess who closed it and Port Royal has a $25 million dollar redo original budget $12 million guess who was in charge . Kim you need to face the facts admit your current party has put golf behind the 8 ball and one day you will
    Congrats to Port Royal and 47th Birthday just not sure why 47 is so significant

    • “Back in the 60′s maybe”, you sound like ya not sure. Just a 2017 update unarmed Black men are still being murdered by racist cops in US and de Klan is still recruiting, but in Bermuda its subliminal but once in a while it raises its ugly head (Baron’s sister and good ol Rick).