Premier Burt To Attend Meeting Of OT Leaders

October 27, 2017

The devastation caused by hurricanes in the Caribbean will be front and centre in discussions this weekend for Premier David Burt, who will fly to Miami for a Special Meeting of the Caribbean Overseas Territories, where leaders will discuss the regional effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“Premier Burt will be accompanied by Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Derrick Binns and Director of the London Office & UK Representative for the Government of Bermuda Kimberley Durrant,” the Government said.

“Also present for the talks will be the leaders of Anguilla, Monserrat, BVI, the Cayman Islands and the Turks & Caicos.

“The Caribbean region was recently hit by the two category five hurricanes which caused widespread destruction and damage to lives and property across the region. The Special Meeting will focus on the regional cooperation of disaster relief efforts across Caribbean Overseas Territories.

“Participants will also consider how to best collectively engage in supporting those Territories impacted by hurricanes for their long term sustainability and ascertain how this is being addressed in the UK.

“The meeting may also delve into the need and opportunities for Caribbean countries to build more resiliency against the effects of climate change and more options for mitigation in the event of such storms.

“The Premier will return to Bermuda on Sunday.“

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  1. Um.... says:

    The Caribbean OTs need to invest in technology like teleconferencing. I know it’s just Miami but is it that critical to meet in person over something like this?

  2. Hey there says:

    love this 100 day plan… awful lot of trips…

  3. Warlord says:

    Ya boy really racking up the air miles.How many days has he actually been In Bermuda for the first 100 days.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Burt better get back to his job and stop flying so much and what’s with the fake American accent .

  4. Sorry and I don't mean.. says:

    To be a buzz kill but how can Bermuda help this cause. The region needs financial resources to rebuild and to plan for future occurrences, Bermuda is in a massive fiscal deficit and we are unable to fund local initiatives.

    Are we there for moral support?

  5. Premium Liquored Pirate says:

    It’s important to be collaborating with the OT’s. But why tag Binns and Durrant? Excessive baggage.

  6. Joey says:

    Milk it for all it’s worth ,be a politician and see the world on tax payer dollars love it

  7. Bermmanymanymanymen says:

    It’s all nice and all… but what’s this guy doing for Bermuda?

  8. It's only just begun says:

    Travel the world on our dollar, and not publish what these trips are costing us.
    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

  9. Stevie says:

    Waste of taxpayers money again. Wake up PLP supporters. Bermuda going bankrupt again.

  10. Wake up says:

    Travel comes with the job. It us critical but deep seated resentment prevents so many of you from seeing that because you never want to label him as a success.Never so you will demean him and his office. You would be so happy to see him on a mobylette. And let me ask. At what stage will he ever gain experience and know how to react or perform in such forums. His critics would just dribble or say um um. That’s right you resent him reaching such a level because you know you can’t. Typical of so many I meet who will never give any praise but they themselves can’t do shi?.

  11. Helo says:

    Where is the transparency on all the trips that have been taken….I’ve lost count. Where is the money coming from??

  12. aceboy says:

    Sylvan Richards went to the last one, took one person with him.

    So, NOT the Premier and one less person.

    And if the portal was still up we could find out what the former Minister’s trip cost….but it has been down since the PLP took over which means none of the costs for all these trips by Burt have been made public.

    Not exactly the transparency that was promised by the new government.