BCF To Host Discussions On Income Inequality

November 24, 2017

International author Chuck Collins, an activist in the field of inequality and the wealth gap, will visit Bermuda for three days next week at the invitation of the Bermuda Community Foundation [BCF]. During his stay he will meet with economists, bankers and philanthropists, as well as experts in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

“We invited him to help inform us on a pressing topic for Bermuda at the moment – how to negotiate the wealth gap, poverty and social welfare,” said Dr. Myra Virgil, BCF’s chief executive. “Chuck’s message is relevant to the community discussion on the topic right now and we’re delighted he was able to come.”

His book, “Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good”, takes a close and personal look at the subject of inequality, which grabbed headlines during the 2016 US presidential debates.

Mr. Collins was born in Wisconsin into a family of wealth and privilege. As a child of seven years old he began to notice the inequality around him, and at the age of 26 he gave away his inheritance. Since then he has been mobilising against inequality and he uses his unique perspective to deliver a new narrative on the topic.

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On Monday, 27 November Mr. Collins will be the featured speaker at a public community forum. Open to all and free of charge, this session will begin at 5.30pm with a showcase debate on the impact of inequality, wealth and privilege on communities like Bermuda.

Over the course of the visit, the BCF and Chuck Collins will also co-host a breakfast meeting with the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, a lunch with members of the Young Presidents’ Association and a reception for BCF supporters and donors.

The visit will end with a convening of field experts in economics, poverty and policy development working in the government, nonprofit and private sectors. This session will serve as a precursor to BCF’s upcoming Vital Conversations, a new programme coming out of the recently released 2017 Bermuda Vital Signs Report. Vital Signs is a method of measuring quality of life in the community with a view to targeting areas of greatest need.

Says Dr Virgil: “Part of the BCF’s role is to build community knowledge on relevant topics. Income inequality, poverty and social welfare are major topical issues in Bermuda today. Bringing Chuck here will help us inform our discussions with a view to moving towards some solutions. “

Monday night’s youth debaters are with the Dynamic Debaters and Learners Club, trained by National Debate Coach Gladstone Thompson. The youth debaters were given copies of Mr. Collins’ book and have spent the last month ensuring they are prepared to debate the impact of inequality, wealth and privilege on communities like Bermuda.

For more information go to, see the full summary report at www.bcf.bm

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  1. Connected Community says:

    This is a timely topic given the number of conversations about how our Bermuda economy really works in the areas of philanthropy, universal healthcare, access to employment, fair wages, diversity and inclusion etc.

    It will be interesting to hear more on how our Bermuda Community Foundation is modeling this shift in Bermuda and involving residents in our examination of income equality, poverty and social welfare and how these areas impact at the level of our race and gender.

    Philanthropy often appears male and white in Bermuda: as exampled by those who currently hold the top board governance positions in our leading charities and foundations. How do we facilitate more community participation and generate more diversity and inclusion in this important work?

    The concept of our young students debating this topic is wonderful idea and I hope Bernews can record their debate for those unable to attend in person.

  2. HAHA says:

    So a rich guy is gonna talk about what????? Please