Nahki Wells Makes Premier League Debut

December 23, 2017

Bermudian striker Nahki Wells made his Premier League debut today [Dec 23], coming in the 84th minute to make his first ever appearance at the highest level of English professional football.

Harry Kane scored three times as Tottenham defeated Burnley 3-0 at Turf Moor to leapfrog their opponents in the Premier League table.

Today’s appearance by Wells makes him the third ever Bermudian to feature in the English Premier League and the first since 2003. Kyle Lightbourne at Coventry City and Shaun Goater at Manchester City were the other two to achieve this feat, and legendary footballer Clyde Best played in the old First Division with West Ham

Nahki Wells Burnley vs. Watford

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  1. Nhakem says:

    Great to see him back on the pitch even if only for a few minutes. Soon come Nhakki…soon come. Be patient. Nobody works harder.

  2. Sailor says:


  3. .
    The manager signed him on .Now this!!!
    What type of manager is this??
    Could be flippant, lacking a conscience, lacking commitment to the signed contract,a joker.

  4. The other players for Burnley have been closely observed. None is any better than Wells.
    Certain conclusions can be drawn.
    Go figure!!

    Wells, continue to shine for all of us born Bermudians!!!!!

    • d says:

      “all of us born Bermudians…..really?

      GO NAHKI GO!!!!

      • Mrs Brady says:


      • William says:

        So when Nahki came on the pitch he was thinking I’m doing this for Bermudians and come to think of it only for Bermudians born in Bermuda and only Bermudians born in Bermuda who have Bermudian parents, perhaps I should also represent Bermudians born overseas who have Bermudian parents but maybe not as they weren’t born in Bermuda, I’ll need to think about that one. So Bermudians with one Bermuda parent , hmmm I’ll dwell on that one. Now the Bermudians who weren’t born here and don’t have Bermudian parents, I’ll need to think about that one too but if it wasn’t for some of those Bermudians that other born Bermudians don’t like then I wouldn’t probably be here so another tricky one. . Now what about LGBT Bermudians as a lot of Bermudians don’t like those people so maybe I should be careful with that one too. Now the PRC and the work permit holders that support me particularly those from the UK, am I shining for them, another tricky one as I’m playing in the UK and am freely given the privilege to play here with no restrictions and no one hates me for it so I should shine for them too but they’re not Bermudians, Actually maybe I should just stay here as long as I can because it’s pretty messed up back at home. Hmm lots to think about, oh is that the final whistle.

    • Navin Johnson says:


    • Ok says:

      Guess his being treated how most Bermudians treat foreigners….irony?

    • Zevon says:

      Sport is a meritocracy Betty. There aren’t any special favours for Bermudians in sport, like there are in Bermuda’s education system, for example.

  5. Oh,I see now says:

    This has nothing to do with being a foreigner it’s about a player getting caught in a shi??y grey area.Better players than Nik have been in the” friend zone “of football.We still like you but we’re kinda going in different directions from here.Wish you well and keep in touch.Its not you it’s me.I love you but I’m not in love with you.We can still be friends.If we part and you find your way back it was meant to be.From Training Day, “you know this was just business right……righ!?

  6. TO….d:

    Yes, “D”…….all of US born Bermudians!!
    Got it!!