Court: Fentanyl Importation Trial Continues

January 24, 2018

A woman testified in Court today [Jan 24] against her ex-boyfriend and an alleged co-conspirator to import the synthetic opioid Fentanyl.

In January of last year, Jacqueline Robinson, then 25, and Craig Lawrence, then 35, both of Ontario, Canada, were charged with conspired with others to import Fentanyl.

Ms. Robinson told the jury she met Craig Lawrence at a party in Ontario. After beginning a personal relationship he offered an all expenses paid vacation, according to ZBM.

He said they had to bring back $10,000 from Bermuda to Toronto. He assured her it was legal and her worries were settled after she Googled the travel limit.

At a hotel the day of their departure, she says Lawrence and two of his friends forced her to swallow a ‘big, plastic film pellet’ which she was told was marijuana.

She testified that she initially refused, but Lawrence is alleged to have said she had to swallow them if she ‘ever wanted to go home again.’

Robinson says she swallowed some pellets, but became ill and vomited. She was given Gravol, an anti nausea medicine and told to swallow all 45 pellets. She says it took about two hours to finish.

Lawrence and Robinson were dropped off to the airport where she described feeling ‘hot and nauseous’ at the Toronto Airport and on the flight to Bermuda.

However after arriving on the island in December 2016, Robinson was hospitalised as one of the Fentanyl pellets she ingested ruptured while she was staying at a hotel in Bermuda.

The jury heard testimony from a hotel worker that she found Robinson slumped over in a chair, with the hotel staff putting a cold cloth on her head until paramedics arrived.

Lawrence, who is also said to have received treatment at hospital from exposure to the drug, is charged with conspiracy to import and supply the drug. He denies the charges.

Co-defendant Maurice Martin, a resident of Bermuda, is accused of conspiracy to supply the Fentanyl, which he denies.

The trial continues.

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