Dowling & Webb Make Debut As Junior Referees

January 7, 2018

Two young ladies — Che’-Chulae Dowling and Zemira Webb — recently make their debut as Junior Football Referees, with both saying that they were nervous at the beginning, but as the games went on they settled in and got on with the job.

Che’-Chulae and Zemira also noted that they were grateful for the support from the coaches of the teams playing, as the coaches offered constructive help and advice and did not make them feel intimidated.

When asked how it felt to have this opportunity, Che-Chulae stated that she felt it was important to be a part of not only playing the sport, but “was also that important to give back so that we can keep the sport at a high standard.”

She added that it was great day, and “something that marks a new chapter and she anticipates working closely with the BFA and the community clubs around the island.”

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  1. Real Deal says:

    Wow can Refs really be this young?