Saltus Staff Clock Up Over 200 Years Service

January 18, 2018

Sixteen members of staff at Saltus Grammar School have been recognized for their long service – totaling more than 200 years.

One teacher alone has been at the school for 40 years – and two others for 20 years each.

Head of School Deryn Lavell said: “Having this kind of experience and knowledge is vitally important for a school and we are very lucky to have so many excellent members of staff that are clearly very committed to Saltus.”

Long service staff with Head Deryn Lavell: Karen Lusher, Becky Jones, Kelly Reeves, Jon Beard, Deryn Lavell, Steven Masters, Trista Riihiluoma, Brittany Adams. Missing from photo: Sheridan Ming, Kelly Holmes, Erika Powell, Lisa Outerbridge and Cathy Carreiro

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Jon Beard, Saltus’ Deputy Head, has been at the school for 40 years and said: “I know it might sound a bit cliched, but I have genuinely enjoyed every day. There are so many memories, so many students who have excelled and so many positive changes at the school.

“From the building of the sports facilities in the late 1970s including a gym and a pool, to our latest projects there has been so much that has gone on that is so positive for Saltus, and for Bermuda.

“I started my career as a PE teacher, then ran the SGY [university prep] programme, and now into my present role. The constant has been terrific students, and a great staff. They make it a pleasure to come to work. The real bonus is seeing how successful our students become, and seeing alumni contributing to the community.”

Brandon White, Sara Lewter, Jennifer Pettit, and Sharon Simmons

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Sheridan Ming, the school carpenter, and Sharon Simmons, in the Primary department, have both been with the school for 20 years, Kelly Holmes, Jennifer Pettit and Kelly Reeves have been at Saltus for 15 years, Steven Masters and Karen Lusher have been at Saltus for 11 years.

Erika Powell, Brittany Adams and Sara Lewter have been at Saltus for ten years and Brandon White, Becky Jones, Trista Riihiluoma, Lisa Outerbridge and Catherine Carreiro have all been with the school for five years.

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