Photos: Saltus Grammar School Science Fair

February 26, 2018

Students at Saltus Grammar School recently held their third Science Fair – designed to allow students to use project-based learning using scientific methodology to creatively research scientific principles.

The students were allowed to use any scientific areas such as biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, ecology or marine science, or combinations, to investigate theoretical ideas.


Special Awards:

  • Most creative: Austin Dowling, “Salt water electricity”
  • Most useful to science: Tommy Marshall & Will Rossiter, “Batteries”
  • Best communication of science: Rachel Hyland, “Crystals”
  • Student choice award: Brady Sullivan & Rory Lucas, “Rusty coin experiment”

Group awards [Judges’ Merit]:

  • Commended: Kaya Vogler, Jack Brown, & Tristan Mullan, “Slurpin’ Soda”
  • Third place: Kirk Stapff, Nick Martin, “Faster than light?”
  • Second place: Ben Copeland, Nate Copeland, Kyan Oatley & Isaac Wickramage, “Vex IQ Robotics”
  • First place: Zoe Skinner, Jordan Davies, Cormac Sagurs & Matthew Pichery, “Purification of Water”

Individual awards [Judges’ Merit]:

  • Third place: Scott Gilbertson, “Can chemical reactions mimic ecology?”
  • Second place: Adeline Young, “Bouncing laser beam”
  • First place, as well as the Harshith Kayam Prize for Inspiration: Themika Thennakoon, “Let’s generate Electricity”

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