Ministry: ‘Reconstituted RFP Can Be Expected’

March 9, 2018

The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs has announced that Government will “re-assess its objectives for digital mobile ticketing in public transportation.”

A spokesperson said, “A Request for Proposals issued last month for a pilot project to update the system by which ferry commuters pay for ferry rides has been withdrawn.

“A Bermuda Tourism Authority press release last month announced a joint partnership between the Ministry and the BTA. It sought a vendor for the pilot scheme to deliver online ticketing for the Ferry service only. The RFP was due to close today.

“But Government will now widen the scope of its enquiry to consider how a 21st century integrated payment solution can be found for all public transportation ticketing, including buses and ferries.

“A reconstituted RFP can be expected in due course.

“The Ministry wishes to thank all those who expressed interest in this RFP.”

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  1. So government provided a week and a half’s notice for the RFP, basically forcing vendors to drop everything to make submissions. Then pulls it on submission day.


  2. Family Man says:

    A reconstituted RFP can be expected in due course.

    Obviously the “right” company wasn’t on track to get the contract. This time the RFP will be more specifically worded.

    • History Repeating Itself? says:

      So that the “right” company can get their stuff together, no doubt.

    • jt says:

      The dots will be connected post mortem.

  3. Zevon says:

    In other words they can’t do one single f@kng thing right.

  4. Deflection says:

    Doesn’t the Office of Project Management and Procurement have a say in this? Are they redundant now?

    • DS says:

      They very well may be redundant following all the decreases in the number of civil servants by the OBA!