Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For March 2018

April 1, 2018

Bernews posted more than 300 videos across our various social networks during March 2018, and the top ten most viewed on YouTube included the Dellwood Middle School “Save Our Sons” performance, the fire in Devonshire, flooding at Shelly Bay and police statements on the tragic death of visiting college student Mark Dombroski in a fall.

Top 10 Videos March 2018

As far as Facebook videos, the most viewed for the month was the live video of a police statement with over 36,000 views, and the second was the Dellwood Middle School “Save Our Sons” with almost 34,000 views.

On Periscope, the most viewed was the weather in Hamilton, and the second was the weather on North Shore, while on Instagram, the most viewed video was the fire in Devonshire marsh area, and the second also related to the fire. And finally, the most watched Twitter video was a police statement, while the second was the Dellwood Middle School SOS video.

#1 – Mark Dombroski’s Family Speak, March 19

#2 – Dellwood Middle School “Save Our Sons”, March 1

#3 – Police On Missing Student Mark Dombrowski, March 19

#4 – Fire In Devonshire Marsh Area, March 17

#5 – Police Confirm Death Of Mark Dombroski, March 19

#6 – Weather Conditions At 7am On March 3

#7 – Shelly Bay Playground Flooded, March 3

#8 – Police Update On Mark Dombroski, March 20

#9 – Police Confirm Two Men Die Following Collision , March 16

#10 – Aerial Footage of Fire in Devonshire, March 17

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