29 Complete Mirrors Community Programme

June 6, 2018

The Minister of Social Development and Sports Michael Weeks announced that 29 young people between the ages of 14-18 successfully completed the third phase of the Mirrors Community Programme on Saturday June 2, 2018 at the Whitney Institute Middle School.

The Community Programme consisted of three phases – Enrolment, Residential and an eight Month Follow Through – based on the eight Keys of Excellence.

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Cohort 13th participants accepted the challenge to transform their lives and work toward accomplishing their personal goals through exploration and application of the “8 Keys of Excellence”. They spent eight months paired with a volunteer who coached them weekly on achieving their personal goals, they attended a monthly workshop and participated in a community service project clean-up day at Fort Cunningham.

The Minister stated, “Congratulations on this accomplishment and remember your journey doesn’t end here. Continue to match behaviour and values; learn from mistakes; speak honestly and kindly; make the most of every moment; make your dreams happen; take responsibility for actions; be willing to do things differently and live your best life!”

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Kimberley Jackson, the Programme Manager, stated, “I would like to thank the staff of Mirrors for their dedication and commitment to Bermuda’s youth.

“Thank you community partners for your ongoing contribution to the success of our programme and thank you parents and volunteers for your support and willingness to partner with us to strengthen youth outcomes for a strengthened community.

“This is truly a community programme. To the young people I am pleased with your results and I charge you to take what you have learned and live your best life.”

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For more information on how you can volunteer or to enrol a young person into the Mirrors Programme call 294-9291 or email mirrors@gov.bm.

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  1. Bolt Action Rifle says:

    Suggest Mirrors run parenting classes, then the demand for Mirrors will fade away.