$8,000 Donation To Develop Therapeutic Garden

June 25, 2018

Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust and Bermuda Hospitals Board announced an $8,000 donation to develop a therapeutic garden for Child & Adolescent Services [CAS] in its location at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.

Lisa Sheppard, Executive Director at the BHCT adds: “BHCT is very happy to fund the creation of a therapeutic garden for the service users at CAS. We are looking forward to seeing the development of the service to include this type of therapeutic approach.

“Young people who have challenges need this kind of creative and natural space, and having it available for them at CAS will be a wonderful enhancement of what is already a wonderful service doing amazing work for our youth.”

Standing in the area that will be turned into the therapeutic garden, from left to right: R Scott Pearman, Chief Operating Officer, BHB; Preston Swan, Vice President, Clinical Operations; Lisa Sheppard, Executive Director, BHCT; Ashley Simons- Crane , Clinical Assistant, CAS; and Vikita Basden, Social Worker, CAS.

CAS BHCT Therapeutic Garden Donation Bermuda June 2018

Jascinth Albouy-Onyia, Assistant Director Mental Health Services, comments: “This wonderful donation will help us create an intimate space where individuals can be immersed in scents, textures and colours.

“In the garden we will have items such as wind chimes and children’s art, providing both creative and educational opportunities for our service users, both able-bodied and individuals with physical challenges. It will add to the repertoire of interventions available when working with young people with major challenges and psychiatric diagnoses, and those with sensory processing difficulties.”

Dr Carla Bean, Psychologist at CAS, comments: “The sensory features of a therapeutic garden help individuals with natural ‘cues’ to interpret, better use and connect to their environment.

“The design we envision will be multi-sensory, with taste, touch, smell, sound and visual elements to provide a positive and rewarding experience for service users of our inpatient, outpatient, day programme services, and the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic. We are very grateful for this donation which makes this garden possible.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    Good idea !

    Now build it for $250.

    We already have one in every Parish . eg: Warwick long bay Tobacco bay, Shelly bay, & Mangrove bay. ETC.
    All this time I thought buss shelters and roads were a priority, simply because we need to enhance our long over due tourist products .