‘Judged Most Appropriate By Club & Organisers’

June 20, 2018

Following Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch comments that the Governor should not be invited to present the Cup at Cup Match, Government House said the Governor “will be happy to support the event respectfully and in the way judged most appropriate by the Club and Cup Match organisers.”

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Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, Minister Burch said, “I also happen to be a member of Somerset Cricket Club, and I have repeatedly as a member of that club made the motion that I find it offensive personally, and also as a Bermudian, that we celebrate this annual historical occasion and then we turn around and invite the supervising power to come and present the Cup.”

“If people look at it honestly and sincerely, this is a celebration of emancipation of slaves, and so why would you still accept, in 2018, inviting he who enslaved us to come and not only celebrate with us, but to also be the person who presents the Cup,” he said.

In response to queries, Government House spokesperson said, “The Governor is well aware of the importance of Cup Match and its significance in marking emancipation from slavery.

“The decision on who is invited to present the Cup is a free and independent one for Somerset Cricket Club to make. The Governor will be happy to support the event respectfully and in the way judged most appropriate by the Club and Cup Match organisers”.


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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “I have repeatedly as a member of that club made the motion that I find it offensive personally, and also as a Bermudian, that we celebrate this annual historical occasion and then we turn around and invite the supervising power to come and present the Cup”

    Who is “the supervising power” and why is it offensive?

  2. WSP says:

    SCC do the right thing and invite the governor.Burch is just a self loathing politician that thinks he can say and do whatever he wants.

  3. aceboy says:

    The British were the ones who ended slavery, through the use of their navy, so I think it totally appropriate that the Governor attends.

    Burch is just continuing the anti-British government rhetoric, despite the fact that he had an entire career in the Regiment….which is part of the British army, and still refers to his rank to give his ego a stroking.

    This guy is the biggest hypocrite ever.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      for real you let go of the Lt/Col title we’ll support you a lil more bra otherwise ya a HYPOCRITE!!

    • They also participated in it, so they had a come to Jesus moment and think its ok, De klerk was a part of the apartheid system which hundreds were murdered, forced to live in deplorable conditions and land was stolen with its rich resources which he and his family/ social circle benefitted and still benefitting from.
      But he helped end Apartheid, so he gets a Noble Peace Prize.

    • C.Griffin says:

      The British are the ones who stole our freedom by evil means. Ending something that that had no right to take is not laudable. We are born free. Horrible acts by Europeans denied us that right.

      • Double S says:

        Nope. The African slave trade was in full swing for nearly a millenia prior to the Brits or Europeans showing up. Learn your history.

        • True, but they participated in it after they saw when the Portuguese and Dutch were economically flourishing of de Slave Trade.

      • SMH says:

        “Horrible acts by Europeans denied us that right.”

        And then in later years, you did the same thing…but you don’t have the guts to admit that you’re no better than the british overlords.

        You’re too stupid to know your own history, you’d rather prove what a fool you are, every time you play this victim card.

      • mixitup says:

        And this is how they think…smh

      • aceboy says:

        The slave trade in the form that it took could not have happened without the help of West African tribes who would go out and raid entire villages to capture slaves to be sold to the traders.

        You ever going to acknowledge your own people’s role in it?

    • Infidelguy says:

      Yes, you are absolute correct!

      But here’s a better definition I found on Wikipedia that more accurately describes Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch’s condition.

      “In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.” –Wikipedia

      But hypocrite is much easier to remember!

  4. puzzled says:

    After all these years of not speaking out about this; all of a sudden you state such asinine comments.

    Thank God your not director of Marine and Ports.

    We’d have no damn cruise ships.


    • Karen says:

      You are right, all these years and now your saying this, but by the way Mr. Burch the Governor did not enslave you, so get off your high horse and stop crying foul.

  5. And yet we have the day after Emancipation Day named after a British Admiral.
    What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • aceboy says:

      See my post above you idiot. The British navy put an end to slavery. Learn your history.

      • But they participated in it and benefitted from it
        Europeans went around the world and Colonized, murdered, raped and plundered, and guess what UK was part of the exploitation.
        Google The Scramble for Africa so you can get schooled.

      • So the British were not involved in slavery?

        • Double S says:

          They sure were. Just as every nation in the world at one point was. Including Africa itself.

          • Chattel slavery was adopted by Europeans where as in other countries before that an indentured servant would work a deal off and then released.
            Unlike chattel slavery where Europeans took it to another level and carried on for generations.
            Which was barbaric and economically viable by nature.
            Dont get it twisted study ya History.

            • Question says:

              Slavery is in the bible, so it doesn’t come from Europe at all. The bible says you can beat slaves if you want. You believe in the bible, don’t you?

            • Double S says:

              I know history. And you are completely wrong about other non-European slavery systems. But that is what you do. Manipulate the truth to accommodate your hateful narrative.

              Did you know that after abolition in 1834 the Brits had to forcefully stop several African kings/nobility from continuing on selling their own people? Facts are sometimes hurtful to one’s feelings and desired narrative,.

    • jt says:

      And we play cricket to celebrate the holiday. Gotta change that OJ.
      I have no issue with the Premier presenting the cup, nor does the Governor, and his handling of the matter makes Burch look foolish, which isn’t hard.

    • Onion Puke says:

      Don’t worry Juice – I’m sure they’ll change and name it after one of your leaders.

    • shrew says:

      if you and CURB were really interested in reconciliation you’d invite ALL residents to play in the game. do you know how many GREAT cricketers we have working here?

      • Reconcilliation has nothing to do with those working here, it has to do with the Oligarchal undeserved privileged benefectors.

  6. Southampton says:

    Burch can go stick his head back in the sand.
    This man has lost so much respect.
    Why have not we heard from the Premier on this subject.
    I for one will not support the PLP any further
    if he is allowed to talk such b*****

  7. Bolt says:

    Now the Guv can spend Cup Match fishing

    • Bill says:

      It would be so much better than spending two days watching people badly attempt to play the game of cricket

  8. Um.... says:

    Glad to see the governor respond in a mature manner. If only our elected officials did the same. I share the sentiment that the governor should not have been presenting the trophy. But Col. Burch, as usual, handled himself in a tasteless manner.

  9. A bit of History says:

    Mr. Burch seems to be confusing things.

  10. Confused says:

    It’s truly sad that people like Burch continue to divide this Country. Cup Match is about uniting us in celebration, not trying to divide based on your nationality or race. Where is our Premier? Something needs to be done and quick!

    • Longtail says:

      So true….. and many ask why there are so few of some people in the PLP!!! Look no further than the divisive likes of Burch for your answer. Burt is capable of uniting Bermuda regardless if one is white, black OR Indian, but he needs to be rid of Burch.

  11. roger Lambert says:

    The British Governments through Anti Slavery Pressure Groups ended Slavery. Many Private citizens of Britain didn’t want Slavery abolished!! The Friendly Societies of Bermuda began this Great Celebration showing Joy from slavery and somewhere along the time the Governor was invited to give the trophy to the Winner. The more the Bermuda GovernmentS do that separates Us from the U.K., the further We seem to be from Independence. Shame!

    NOW THE WALL: How long has it been like that or has it gotten worse to this point? Is it now much more of a Public hazard? Could Somerset had done more to get Members, Supporters & the Public involved in fixing it back then and not a month before Cup Match? Still Minister Burch SHOULD NOT be trying to BLACKMAIL the S.C.C. for it to get fixed.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      While on the subject of the wall, am I the only one who finds it offensive for a Government Minister to say to a private sports club that if you want a Government grant for much needed repairs you must follow my direction and not ask the Governor to present the Cup?

    • Bill Ingham says:


    • mos says:

      his blackmailing (or bribing if you prefer) of the club is the real issue here. Sure he made some asinine comments but leveraging his power on a private club should be a sackable offense.

  12. Great!!
    HE was not ever needed in that capacity at all, anyway!!

  13. facts of the rock says:

    old saying,empty vessels make the most noise!

  14. Mark says:

    I never cared abou this until now. I think the “appropriate” thing to do would be to ship burch out of the country and have the governor give the cup. In fact, its now very important to me that he does give the cup for some reason

  15. Honestly says:

    Thank you to the Governor for acting in such a mature and professional manner. Now Mr. Premier please can you take control over Lt/Col David Burch. Only agreeing to fix a wall for the Somerset Cricket Club if the disinvite the Governor, really! Either, it is within the remit of Works and Engineering to fix the wall or it isn’t. I don’t care if the Premier or the Governor present the cup, but please extend an invitation to the Governor to attend, the US Consulate and any other appropriate dignitaries!

  16. cpm says:

    I always attend Cup Match and spend easily $2,000.00
    Not this year
    Hope the Club does well in spite of Burch

  17. jim h says:

    Isn’t the cup presented on the second day, Somers Day?
    Emancipation Day is the first day.

    • Thats why Somers Day should be changed to Sally Bassett Day.

      • Anbu says:


        • Onion Puke says:

          So idiots like Juice feel their pointless existence has meaning.

          • Typical racist Trump responce.

            • SMH says:

              Trump is your hero and mentor, OJ.

            • Onion Puke says:

              What you mean Willis? Your the most racist troll on this site. Even Ray Charles can see that. And we all know Trumpism and PLPism are synonymous

        • PBanks says:

          There’s a thought among some that Somers Day was created to appease those who felt left out of the whole Emancipation thing, instead of something that ties in directly to Emancipation/Cup Match.

          Does anybody know what date the Sea Venture actually wrecked and people came ashore?

  18. sandgrownan says:

    Burch acting unacceptable? Must a day ending in y.

  19. SMH says:

    Why not just change the name to “OJ’s personal b!tching board” ?