Video: Record Breaking Cahow Nesting Season

June 1, 2018

It has been another record breaking Cahow nesting season on Nonsuch Island, where at about 11.00pm on May 28, Sunny, the sixth consecutive chick to fledge under the watch of LookBermuda’s CahowCam, left his burrow and spent some time imprinting on his surroundings before launching himself out toward the North Atlantic.

A spokesperson said, “If all goes well, he will forage there for the next three to five years before returning to Nonsuch Island to attract a mate, find or excavate a burrow and start the yearly nesting season visits that he will keep up for the next 20+ years.”

Sunny Cahow Bermuda May 31 2018 (1)

Jeremy Madeiros, senior terrestrial conservation officer [Bermuda Government]:

“The 2018 Cahow nesting season is rapidly drawing to a close, with the rapidly maturing chicks now leaving their nesting burrows to depart to the open ocean almost on a daily basis.

“This last breeding season has set many new records, including a record high number of established breeding pairs [124], a record high number of fledged chicks [71], and a record high number of newly establishing [prospecting] Cahow pairs [15].

“In addition, the new Nonsuch nesting colony has grown to 18 nesting pairs with a record number of 13 fledged chicks, and Nonsuch has also had the first return of translocated chicks from the second translocation colony, four of which paired up to form the two first breeding pairs at this second colony site.

“It is clear that the Cahow has now reached a “critical mass”’ in which its population recovery has accelerated over the last few years due to the intensive management program , which has been able to control or eradicate most of the threats facing the species.”

Jeremy Madeiros with Sunny the CahowCam star:

Sunny Cahow Bermuda May 31 2018 (2)

“It is a privilege to be able to work with this tough survivor, and to be a part of its recovery from the edge of extinction, providing inspiration and an example for other endangered species throughout the world.”

Jean-Pierre Rouja, LookBermuda’s Nonsuch Expeditions Team Leader

“An incredible 12 million minutes of CahowCam footage have been watched by scientists, students and bird enthusiasts around the world through our collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. See

“Classrooms in Bermuda and globally have been logging in on a weekly, even daily basis throughout the nesting season using the live and archived video stream to follow our chicks progress.

“As part oif our Educational Outreach, with the Cornell Curriculum Team, we are developing Natural History STEAM based K-12 and Cambridge curriculum modules which will be ready for the next school year, interested teachers should contact us or sign up for our newsletter.”

“Whereas the nest is now empty, we are leaving the CahowCam running to see if as in the last 2 years “Stormy” the very lost Storm Petrel returns to try and attract a mate, usually followed by a range of other creatures that take over the nest in the off season…

“We have more conservation focused projects that will be announced shortly, those interested should visit www.nonsuchisland.comand sign up for our Newsletter.”

“Sunny has left the building”, our CahowCam Star photographed a few days before fledging, still had Elvis style hair and sideburns all of which had been shed when he fledged a few days later.”

- Photo courtesy of J-P Rouja / Nonsuch Expeditions

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