Cole Simons: ‘Has Plan 2022 Been Changed?’

July 19, 2018

“Government’s plans to phase out middle schools appear to contradict its much vaunted strategic plan for education,” Shadow Education Minister Cole Simons said.

“Last week the Education Minister announced plans to phase out middle schools and introduce signature schools,” Mr Simons said.

“To be precise, he said: ‘Now, is therefore the right time to share with the education and broader communities that the Government’s 2017 Election Platform commitment to Reform public education by phasing out middle schools and introducing signature schools at the secondary level is progressing forward.’

“However, as I have stated before, Plan 2022 seems to suggest a prominent role for Bermuda’s middle schools. This strategic plan showcases the following roles for our Middle Schools:

  • Middle Years 1 – Introduce students to technical/vocational programmes option [2.9.1]
  • Middle Years 2 – Select area of concentration to expand on Middle Years 1 experience and:
  • introduce City & Guilds curriculum [Math and English] in an integrated approach [2.9.2] o Middle Years 3-Introduce students to technical/vocational work experiences [2.9.3]
  • Train teachers in industrial experience [min of City and Guilds and NCCER] [2.9.4]
  • Prioritise STEAM instructional strategies and learning opportunities and move towards

1. Adaptive Strategies [Long-Term and Transformational]

* Expand dual enrollment to include diverse programmes [strengthen technical programmes at the middle and high school levels] [2.13.3]

“I stand by the comments I made last December when I said: ‘I am delighted to see that the Plan [2022] incorporates a prominent role for Bermuda’s middle schools in that the middle schools will be utilised to support students from an academic, social, and developmental perspective, as they transition from primary school to secondary school. It is the middle schools that will be the conduit by which our students are introduced to technical and vocational programmes and prepare our students for the City and Guilds integrated Maths and English and other STEAM programmes.”

“I also said: ‘It is clear that the stakeholders who crafted the Plan recognise the important role that the middle schools have people the development and education of our children. It is also clear that there is no support for the PLP’s proposed intentions to eliminate Bermuda’s middle schools, on or before 2022.’

“Has Plan 2022 been changed? Has Government investigated giving increased support to the Middle Schools and their staff rather than simply phasing them out? What is Government suggesting to make the transition from primary to secondary school seamless?

“I have also yet to see any concrete evidence presented by the Government which shows, categorically, that the performance and achievements of students are negatively impacted because of the middle school system.

“You would think that a decision as important as this would be backed by solid proof that the current system is harming the progress of our students. Please give us – but more importantly – the parents proof.”

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  1. What did Cole Simons do for the public education system?
    What are Cole’s thoughts of hs nothingness approach?
    What does Cole remember about his presence at Berkeley’s graduation last year?
    What does Cole Simons REMEMBER the principal Dr. Curtis-Tweed saying?

    • Reuben says:

      Al perfectly good questions but…


      • TO REUBEN:
        That is the point……Cole’s points are useless and meaningless……smile!!!

        • Reuben says:

          But ignoring who the messenger is, the points are in fact not useless and meaningless if your some one who want your government to explain why they are seemingly changing what they said.

      • Sandwich says:

        YES!!! He and you are FULL of it!

        • Reuben says:

          How does this change the information? if these are indeed the facts, you’re welcome to prove otherwise, then shouldn’t the PLP be able to simply explain the change?

          • Sandwich says:

            How did the UBP/OBA CHANGE it knuckles? They had more MoE than they had votes in the last election

            • Reuben says:

              Not sure what MoE stands for but I’m not talking about the OBA, I’m talking about the PLP and the difference in what they said their plan was and what they are now saying they are going to do now.

              I would like to know what was the cause of this change, did they do research that one way has a better result in students understanding what is being taught? Was it cause this new way is more cost effective? As a taxpayer, as someone more than likely voted for the PLP are you not the least bit interested in why they changed something they promised you??

  2. Justin says:

    It’s clear to see the PLP were just saying anything last year to get elected. Oh well, I reckon the honeymoon period is coming to an end and people will soon wake up and realize they are worse off under a PLP gov’t than an OBA gov’t.

    • Lol says:

      Yea because you are apart of the OBA friends and family plan so of course you wouldn’t mind. Keep trying to push that lie all you want. Tell me have you heard of any initiative or plans from the Oba if they was to take power today? I’ll wait…

      • Justin says:

        Haha! $25 an hour in 2018 is now worth less than $25 an hour a year ago. That’s all under the PLP. No spin, just facts.

    • Justine says:

      Its clear to see OBAers like their leaders only kbow how to comlain.

      • aceboy says:

        The PLP spent the entire OBA term complaining about everything and anything. Marches were organized so often it was ridiculous. How can you not remember any of that?

  3. watching says:

    what was the OBA plan for education? Did the OBA have a plan for education?

    I and persons who resemble me will do MUCH BETTER under the P.L.P. than the group who were voted out in July 2017.Heeheeee!
    Do, do attempt to not be too sore with the election outcome of 2017. One day at a time, Justin!!
    I am thrilled with P.L.P.
    I feel empathy for you!!!!

  5. aceboy says:

    The 2022 Plan is like a blade of grass. Whichever way the wind is blowing at the time, that is where it goes.

    • Real Aceboi says:

      Typical OBAer…..simple and daft

      • aceboy says:

        lol….yea, we are just really daft. We have no clue about business or education. We should leave it all up to the geniuses like yourself.

      • gotcha says:

        You have absolutely nothing to say other than ad hominem attacks. Absolutely nothing. There is no answer the PLP can offer to the points raised in the article.

        • Yuh Missed Sucker says:

          Oh I’m sorry I was of the understanding this was a place to express disdain, My bad!
          Can you put the New Rules up for everybody.

          • Answer says:

            So Cole Simons is right. The substantive points he made cannot be answered.

  6. Tedrose says:

    Yet more muddled thinking on education – plp needs to go back to school itself

    • Tedless says:

      They did already……just before smashing OBA in the last ELECTION!!!

  7. Retro says:

    Bermuda is still a wealthy country. Let’s find a curriculum that works and hire the best teachers in the world. No more politicizing.

  8. Ty says:

    LOL @Lol – You are a clear product of our FAILED EDUCATION system.

    Do you even know the difference between APART and A PART of (dummy)

    Go back to school.

    • LOL says:

      TY…that’s all you got?
      You’re railing on a missing space?

      Clearly, you’re angry because you’re ugly.


    • Tye Died says:

      Aren’t you ASTUTE Ty
      With YOUR assumed education you neither offered INTELLIGENCE nor MATURITY of words (other than APART &a A PART) as a rebuttal YET you returned to the age you were when you learned to hurt someone who hurt your feelings.

      Here’s a tip Ty: Better to be THOUGHT a FOOL Than to OPEN your mouth and REMOVE all Doubt love.
      Ps I don’t think you are as SMART as you think you are and prof that PVT SCHOOLING is just that!

  9. Çharlly X says:

    Lol so what are complaining about ? The facts or what’s being written in the peanut gallery?

  10. Realist says:

    Plans and more plans that will never materialize. Politics can’t remedy public education. Only quality teachers and supportive parents can do that.