Will Your Business Be Open During Cup Match?

July 29, 2018

With the Cup Match holiday set to take place on Thursday and Friday, many businesses will be closed, leaving potential customers unsure as to what’s open and what’s not over the two days, so Bernews plans to compile a list of companies that will be open and would appreciate assistance with gathering the information.

If you have a business that will be open over the Cup Match holiday, please feel free to let us know so we can add it to our list in order to ensure that the public knows that your products and services are available.

The list will be posted prior to Cup Match, and promoted across Bernews social media, and will remain readily accessible for readers over the entire Cup Match holiday.

To submit your business to be added to the list for free, please email support@bernews.com with the business name, location, telephone number, hours of operation, and category of the business and we’ll take things from there!


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Comments (5)

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  1. frank says:

    Only essential places should be open
    Bermuda has become to commercialized supermarkets selling
    Rum on Sundays stores open on labour day
    Bermuda has lost respect

    • Um.... says:

      Go have some Swizzle and relax!

    • Patricia says:

      So tru

    • Be Quiet says:

      Oh shut up. People still need to EAT! Some people forget things when buying the day before or have emergencies. Its 2018 not 1950.

  2. Gotta be a foreign worker/paper Bermudian, talking about have some Swizzle.
    Yeah….there is disrespect for the commercializing of Sunday and major holidays in my country, Bermuda.
    Drunk driving has led to deaths, collisions and the like.
    No, to swizzle.
    Stay alert!!
    The businesses need to take some swizzle and relax.Rum too!!