Tropical Storm Gordon Not A Threat To Bermuda

September 3, 2018

Tropical Storm Gordon is “not a threat to Bermuda”, the Bermuda Weather Service said, with its closest point of approach to Bermuda within 72 hours having passed.

Gordon is the seventh named storm of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season, and the second Tropical Storm currently swirling in the Atlantic, joining Tropical Storm Florence.

Graphic courtesy of the BWS:

Tropical Storm Gordon Special Bermuda September 3 2018

The latest forecast from the U.S. National Hurricane Center said, “Gordon is moving toward the west-northwest near 17 mph [28 km/h] and a west-northwestward to northwestward motion is expected over the next 72 hours.

“On the forecast track, the center of Gordon will pass over the southern tip of the Florida peninsula this morning, move over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico this afternoon and evening, and reach the warning area along the central Gulf Coast by late Tuesday or Tuesday night.

Graphic courtesy of the NHC:

Tropical Storm Gordon Special Bermuda September 3 2018 NHC

“Surface observations and radar data indicate that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 45 mph [75 km/h] with higher gusts. Additional strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 45 miles [75 km] from the center.”

While Gordon is not a threat to Bermuda, as the graphic shows it is heading towards the United States, and the NHC state, “A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for portions of South Florida from Golden Beach to Bonita Beach, and for the Florida Keys from Craig Key to Ocean Reef, including Florida Bay.”

NHC graphic showing the position of the two storms currently in the Atlantic:

two_atl_0d0 sept 3 2018

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