Bermuda Better Energy Plan Student Contest

October 22, 2018

Greenrock and BE Solar have just announced a schools competition for the best consultation response on Bermuda’s energy future.

“Students have until 5:00pm on Friday the 23rd of November, 2018 to write a response to the consultation and submit it to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda,” a spokesperson said.

“Responses may support any of the plans submitted to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, but must explain clearly why the respondent supports their preferred plan and how the plan mitigates Bermuda’s contribution toward climate change using words and/or illustrations.

“The goal is to get awareness out and to encourage students to participate in a process that concerns their future from both a climate change and local energy supply perspective. Schools that wish to participate may sign up and view the competition rules at from Wednesday 24 October.

“Competition rules also available via Google Docs here

“The following are the topic options for the essay or picture submissions:

  • “Provide a response in support of, or against, one or more of the IRP plans [the Bermuda Better Energy Plan versus the Belco IRP Plan for example].
  • “What do you think the future of energy in Bermuda should look like, how should we generate and use our electricity on our island home?
  • “What is your view on using foreign fossil fuel or local renewables such as wind and solar for the generation of electricity?
  • “They should identify how their preferred plan is in line with goals to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius.

“Specific questions requested by the RAB to be included in responses/submissions:

  • “1. Are there any provisions in the Alternative Proposals that should be modified? Please include any reasoning and evidence in your answers.
  • “2. Do you have any comments on whether including the Alternative Proposals in the IRP would result in an electricity supply that is more consistent with the purposes of the EA and Ministerial directions [e.g. least-cost provision of reliable electricity]?
  • “3. Do you have any comments on the technology proposed in the Alternative Proposals, including whether such technology is in commercial operation in another jurisdiction?
  • “4. Do you have any additional views on the assumptions, assessment methodology, and conclusions set out in the Alternative Proposals?

“Overview of categories, prizes and recommended word counts:

Category – Prize – Recommended word count

  • “Bermuda College, PGY & IB – $300 for best entry - 1000 max
  • “S1-4 - $250 for best entry - 1000 max
  • “M1-3 - $150 for best entry - 1000 max
  • “P4-6 - $100 per class - 1000 max or picture
  • “P1-3 - $100 per class - 1000 max or picture”

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  1. Smilin says:

    Such a great idea to get students aware and involved in their future!