Court: 17-Year-Old Testifies In Murder Trial

November 19, 2018

A murder suspect told a jury in a British court that he ‘never guessed’ a chase would end with the death of Bermudian teenager Lyrico Steede, according to the latest report from the Nottingham Post.

He is one of five teenagers charged in connection with the murder of the 17-year-old Bermudian, who died after suffering multiple stab wounds after being attacked in Bulwell, England.

Bermudian Lyrico Steede:

Lyrico Steede TC Bermuda Feb 21 2018

The report said, “A murder suspect told a jury that he never guessed a chase would end with the death of teenager Lyrico Steede. The 17-year-old thought there might be a fist fight but then a youth pulled out a knife and began to stab Lyrico, he claimed.

“‘I was frozen. It was a surprise. It happened in a matter of seconds,’ said the boy, who is too young to be named in public.

“At Nottingham Crown Court, he alleged that the knife was shown later by Kasharn Campbell, 19, who is one of five people who deny the murder.

“QC Andrew Wheeler, who defends Campbell, disputed that his client was leading the four youths who allegedly chased Lyrico.

“He told the 17-year-old: ‘You were part of a team chasing him. Why not stop them? Why not say ‘what’s going on? I only came here to see some girls,’ something like that.’ The boy replied: ‘I didn’t think about it.’

“Mr Wheeler asked why the teenager lied by claiming he was in the second group of boys in pursuit. He said: ‘Because I was scared to lead people to think I was guilty of something I didn’t do.’

“Mr Wheeler suggested: ‘You wanted to distance yourself because you had been involved in the attack.’ The boy told him: ‘No.’

Two 17-year-olds males and a 16-year-old girl are accused of the murder with 19-year-old Kasharn Campbell and 18-year-old Remmell Campbell-Miller. The trial continues in the Nottingham Crown Court in the UK.;

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